45 good night messages that I miss you that warm your heart

When we like someone, we feel the need to have that person close to us. It is in the hug, the affection, the sound of laughter and in the moments together that we build memories and feeding the love of the relationship, but unfortunately, it is not always possible to be always together. With good night quotes missing you, you can convey this affection and affection with beautiful words.

Good night quotes with longing that convey a lot of love and affection

Good night, my love. I hope you are well, because I can only be fully happy by your side. I’m missing yours.

I would like you by my side now. There is no affection that can fill the lack you make me. Good night, I miss you.

I stayed all day thinking of you. Now, then, the longing has hit stronger than ever. Good night, honey.

I have a tight longing to go to sleep well tired and wake up by your side to tell you that I love you. Good night!

Life is more beautiful when you are by my side. Good night, my love, I miss you.

I needed your hug so much now. Back soon, I miss you. Good night!

I want to live adventures by your side. I miss us. Good night, dear!

Good night, my angel. I make a point of sleeping to find you in my dreams and see if this longing goes away!

I keep thinking about the day we will be able to meet again and kill this longing that only grows. Good night, I love you!

The days pass and none of this longing leave. I just wanted to be able to see you once more. Good night!

The space that separates us is full of longing. I want to see you so much! Good night!

I hope the day I can see your smile close to me again. I miss you, good night.

Get ready: When I see you again, I’ll hug you until all this longing disappears. Good night!

You are the most beautiful longing I have. Good night, honey, sleep well.

Good night, dear! I wish I could teleport you close to me and kill this longing that hurts.

Rest well and don’t forget me, I want you well. I miss you every day. Good night!

My heart is already getting used to this tightness in the chest called longing. I miss you, good night.

When I think of love I end up thinking about the longing I am from you. Good night, sleep well.

I miss every moment we spent together, especially the routiners. Good night, be well!

Tears come to the face of so much of you. You do me so well and it’s so special to me! Good night!

This constant longing just proves me that I will never forget you. Good night, sleep well!

When things get better, we will meet again and kill this longing that so tightens my chest. Rest well, good night!

Our life is a collection of longing. Good night!

Another day that goes on and we are far from each other. I’m dying to kill this longing! Good night!

I try not to think of us, but longing prevents me! Good night, my love!

For me to kill this longing, just with a kiss! Good night!

I miss all the things we can’t live. Soon, then we will have our time again! Good night!

Today I cried thinking about you. I no longer have words that describe the size of my longing. It looks good, good night.

Life is too brief for so much love that I have kept for you. Soon we will meet again. I love you! Good night!

My longing has its name and smile. Your smell and your beautiful way to kiss me before bed. I miss you, good night!

This longing lets the time pass so slowly. I would like to be by your side now. Good night, my love.

staying away from you is living in constant longing. I am so happy when you are together with me! Sleep well, good night!

Having you by my side is an honor that life has given me. I hope I can see you again soon, before I miss you so much. Good night!

The affection I have for you is eternal. The longing I feel is a reminder of how much I wish you until this life. Good night, I miss you.

Now that we are separate that I realize how well you do me and how much I miss you. I love you, good night!

Good night, I know we haven’t talked about a long time ago, but I needed to say how much I still miss you. I hope you are well.

I try to ignore her, but the longing I feel for you is always stronger than me. Good night, I miss you.

I miss how life was before. I would like to see you so much! Good night!

After so long without seeing you, I’m not ashamed to say that I miss you. You are important to me. Good night!

I’m with symptoms of longing, I’m thinking of you, as I want you so well. Good night!

I miss us both together, happy, leaving and having fun. Good night, be well!

I miss you in the simple moments. When you have wine, order a snack or even watch a movie. With you, everything gets a different taste. I hope I can see you soon, good night.

longing is when the moment tries to escape the memory to happen again and cannot. Good night.

I am currently learning to be happy even carrying so much of you. I hope you are well. Good night.

You said it was better for both of us to separate, but forgot to warn me about longing. Good night.

Surprising who we like with a message of love and affection is always a beautiful surprise. With good morning quotes, you can warm the heart of anyone!

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