45 Friday messages for WhatsApp that celebrate the most awaited day

Friday is World Smile Day for no reason. This is because, after a week full of tasks and running, it is finally possible to relax and have fun. The only commitment of this day is to be happy and enjoy a lot! So check out Friday quotes to WhatsApp, send to dear people or share in your status.

Friday quotes for Whatsapp that talk about the best day of the week

Rain or sunbathe, the important thing is that today is Friday.

Just to remember that today is Friday, the day to take a cold!

until finally, it’s Friday!

Friday asks for full force. Do not be discouraged that the end of the week is just starting!

But who cares? It’s Friday, love!

Good morning, group! Today is Friday, the day to rock! Let’s go to the bar, women!

Will I one day I love someone in the same proportion I love Friday?

Good morning, group! Are you feeling this smell? Smell of Friday!

I will change my name for Friday. So everyone will say they love me.

Friday, World Peace Day, the day that all problems go away!


Good morning, it’s Friday! May it be just the beginning of an amazing weekend!

Another week was won. Deliver everything into the hands of God. Happy Friday!

let’s stretch that Friday promises!

The important thing is what matters: I love Friday and it has arrived!

If it is for the good of all and the general happiness of the nation, tell the people that today is Friday!

Friday, I love you. Saturday, do not be jealous. I love you too.

Everything changes and even smiles are different when Friday comes!

Friday is the pain reliever of the week. Good morning!

Brigadier, happiness and Friday have 10 letters. This cannot be coincidence!

It’s Friday, that day when someone tells you “good morning” and you answer: obvious.

Today is Friday, day to get crazy than Batman!

If I cried or smiled, the important thing is that Friday is coming.

opens the window, let the sun come in. Day to have fun and relax. It’s Friday!

Day of happiness for no reason, that nothing! Friday is a big reason to be happy.

Today is Friday! In the absence of affection, let’s go with beer, cacha├ža and wine!

calls me Friday and says it was all week waiting for me.

Friday is the day to join friends and not come home before Saturday!

Friday arrived and the accumulated sleep all week too.

I dreamed the whole week with this moment. At last, it’s Friday!

Whenever this day I feel my heart jumping and my mood rising. Good Friday!

If Friday liked me as much as I like her, we would have the most passionate romance of all time!

The rule is clear: today is Friday, the day to rock!

I’m happy daily, but on Friday I usually overdo it!

I wish Friday’s happiness remain in all your days!

It is officially decreed: today is Friday!

Glad Friday arrived, because it seems that the week lasted years!

Friday is only Friday if you have beer.

Sextou! Today I only come home tomorrow.

Friday is the day to wear a smile on your face, fill your eyes with brightness and enjoy every second.

Friday is the only possible day to work happy.

Hallelujah, brother. God be praised, the defeated enemy, the most anticipated day has arrived: finally it’s Friday!

on Friday, but never fails!

Fill on Friday with the best you have.

The sky is blue, the most beautiful bird singing, everything has changed because today is Friday!

The arrival of Friday brings an inexplicable feeling. Keep taking advantage of this rest period with happy Saturday quotes and have a wonderful weekend!

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