45 emotional fatigue messages that demonstrate the weight of this exhaustion

Problems, everyday wear, private personal conflicts… Everything corroborates an exhaustion that goes beyond what is physical and tangible. Mental exhaustion is increasingly recurring, product of social and individual chaos. So, see the best emotional tiredness quotes that talk about this feeling and demonstrate the importance of venting about it. Check it out below!

Emotional tiredness quotes that are true outbursts about this mental condition

We fill our lives with so many negative and useless things, and get tired of anything.

I don’t know if I want to rest because I am really tired or if I want to rest to give up.

When we carry the world of others on our shoulders, the account of tiredness folds. Exhaustion is no longer physical … it becomes mental.

Renew yourself! Flowers! Transform yourself! The sameness wears out.

I feel tired! Many worries and little time to put everything in place. Not to mention this mental mess that lives stunning me. I’m exhausted!

I don’t know what else to do or how to react to the blows that life gives me. My soul is exhausted to live waiting for this to end.

too tired to carry the problems of others. Now, I will live my life!

I know you are tired of everything, but lift your head, take a deep breath, prioritize and love that tiredness is fading over time.

I want a sleeping license, forgiveness to rest hours on end, without even dreaming the light straw of a small dream.

The tiredness of the soul consumes me, wears me, saddens me. I no longer know what to do. I want to get away from me!

I got tired, I know it hurts me! I want to breathe …

I feel the emptiness swallow me slowly, taking from me all emotions and the will to live. It is a psychological tiredness that I do not know how to fix it.

I was someone who saw joy in everything, but tiredness and sadness turned my life into black and white.

Daily load tons and more tons of conflicting feelings inside the chest. I’m exhausted!

I wanted to be able to at least cry for all the things that hurt me, but mental tiredness made me apathetic, cold as ice and empty as a black hole.

I give up this terrible overload. You deserve relief and peace!

It happens to me sometimes, such a terrible tiredness of life that there is no chance of mastering you.

I am emotionally tired of feeling that way. Sometimes I feel like disappearing!

Emotional tiredness is the open door to a monster called Sadza.

tired of crying along the roads. Exhausted to step on stepped hurts. Today I carry the cross of my pains.

Because half of me is shelter, the other half is tiredness.

I stopped feeling pain or sadness. The tiredness has dominated me all over, and now I don’t feel anything … just the emptiness.

Death seems less terrible when you are tired.

I got tired of always being available, carrying the relationship alone and always trying to do things work out. I am exhausted physically and mentally. I need to take care of me!

tired of being tired. Boring paradox, my mind doesn’t stop.

Although I slept 77 hours straight, it would not be enough to rest my head.

People talk about sharing the burden, but deep down, who carries everything alone and gets tired alone, we are ourselves.

No problem deserves our emotional exhaustion.

a tiredness of existing, of being. Just being. The sad being shine or smiling …

I would like to lie my head on the pillow and rest, stay at peace … But there are so many problems and responsibilities that the night goes by, the day dawns and everything I got was even more exhausted by everything.

Survive in the midst of voids and sadness, tire!

All I want is to sleep. I want a tranquilizer.

Is it possible to abandon life and leave for a place of full rest? I’m exhausted!

While placing the problems of others on your shoulders, you will remain tired and alone.

a yawning is a silent scream.

I want to smile again, live, feel the happiness and warmth of the sun, but I am taken for a tiredness that imprisons me and forbid me to enjoy the good things in life.

wanted to sleep until you forget about problems and wake up invigorated for life.

Come to me, all you who are tired and overwhelmed, and I will relieve you.

I’m tired of me and the things around me. I need to get out of here, anywhere where peace exists.

There are days when I want to disappear even myself.

Don’t want to unfold in a thousand and do everything at the same time. Understand your limitations, set priorities, place your quality of life first. You deserve rest!

I’m already full of feeling empty, my body is hot, I’m feeling cold.

tired of living supplying the expectations of others without having reciprocity.

tired less, I have more fun, and I don’t lose faith because it realizes the obvious: everything is provisional, including us.

she is strong, but she is tired!

Rest emotionally requires effort, help, understanding and much reflection, but it is not impossible. And if you want to know why, check out these philosophical citations of human resilience!

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