45 condolence messages for a friend that bring words of comfort

It is never easy to lose someone we love. When this happens to someone close, it seems that this pain also hurts us, right? Therefore, these friend quotes for friend are ideal for you to show your support at this difficult time. Send your affectionate hug through words and help soften this sad feeling.

Friendon citations who will show how much you care

friend, I know that nothing I say will be able to tear your pain, but I am sending you all my affection.

Knowing that you are sad, my heart is also injured. My condolences, friend.

My condolences friend, I wish you a lot of strength at this time so difficult.

I know not every day is happy, but after the rain will appear a beautiful rainbow. My condolences, friend.

friend, through these words send you a lot of strength. My condolences.

friend, that the good memories bring reasons for you to smile. My condolences.

My condolences, friend. May God comfort your heart.

My friend, death is nothing. Think that everyone deserves to rest. May peace reign and may your heart be comforted!

My condolences, friend. My prayers are turned to you at this moment of so much pain.

Words of affection will alleviate this difficult situation. You are very loved! My condolences.

friend, you will never be alone. You can always count on me. My condolences.

friend, I know this pain seems to have no end, but rest assured, the bad days are over too. Already all this passes. Have faith! We have gone through difficult phases and surpassed. You realize, honey!

God calls the best close to him. Stay in peace friend! My feelings.

My friend, I just wanted to remind you how much you are loved. I’m sending you a tight hug. My condolences.

Friend, for sure, this person is in a much better place than us. Stay at peace!

Friend, think that you have now won an angel who will be taking care of you from above. My condolences.

friend, if I could tear off this pain from your heart. You will always have my lap. My condolences.

friend, love will never die. He will always be alive in your heart. My feelings.

If you need someone to hug or a shoulder to cry, I’ll be here. My feelings, friend.

Friend, if you miss you, it’s because this person has done a beautiful mission in your life. It was a sign of kindness that will remain. My condolences!

friend, death is not goodbye, but one until soon. You will still find yourself. My feelings.

I send you the greatest love in the world. Open your heart and feel that you will never be alone. I love you friend. My condolences.

God transforms good people into angels and now you have one to call yours. My feelings, friend.

I know the pain makes your heart tiny, but I know it will be giant when you remember so many good times. My feelings, friend.

Who we love never dies. They always remain alive within our hearts. Stay alone, my friend.

God will not give you a pain that you cannot stand. It will pass, friend. My condolences.

Friend, this so important person has already been welcomed by God and this God will also tear this pain out of your heart. The longing will be an invitation to wish the sky. Be patient. My condolences.

God will comfort the hearts of all who are suffering from this loss, I’m sure. My condolences, friend.

We will never be able to understand death, but we should never doubt God’s plans. Friend, it was to be. Stay in peace. Now has an intercessor in heaven!

At that moment, what we feel most is pain, but if we look back, we will see that the happy moments are much greater. My condolences, friend.

Friend, that this farewell can seal with a golden key all the happy memories. My condolences.

I know that everything seems small in the face of so much suffering, but God’s love is infinite and will give you a lot of strength. My condolences, friend.

Time is able to heal everything, until this immeasurable pain. In a few days you will smile a lot by remembering everything that went together. My feelings.

Friend, God will bring relief and comfort to your heart. Meanwhile, I won’t leave you alone. Always count on me!

Now you are at peace because you know you did everything you could. You have fulfilled your mission and so does he. My feelings, friend.

friend, it’s great to know that you had someone so important in your story. If you attach it, you were very privileged. Stay with God.

Behind, the moments are happy together that passed. But from now on, you will always honor his memory.

Do not try to escape mourning, it is necessary, but do not despair: every day your pain will be softened by little and longing will be comfort. God is with you!

I am sure that all tears do not compare to the amount of good times. Do not feel guilty about being too hurting, but it will pass.

It was God who created this amazing human being! So he wants very close to him. His mission on Earth has been fulfilled. My feelings, friend.

Friend, be proud to have found such a lighted person in your life. People like that are rare and now she will always be looking at you.

I know now it hurts and that the longing will hit, but I also know that you will be able to smile each time you touch her name. It will pass, my friend.

You don’t have to say anything. Just lie on my lap and stay how long it takes. I’m here to comfort you, my friend.

Friend, facing mourning is necessary to end this chapter. Don’t be ashamed to cry. That every day you can find more and more strength.

No scar is open forever. Time softens and God heals. I love you my friend. You will leave this!

We know that death is an event that transforms the routine of people who stay, but life needs to continue. So how about sending words of hope with these quotes of motivation in life? It is important to find reasons to move on!

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