43 hurtful messages to vent and move on

You have certainly been through some situation that has left you hurt. But the worst part is when the person responsible for this is someone we like very much and we didn’t wait for such an attitude.

It is difficult to accept that even our best friend, our parents or our boyfriend can be so hard with the words and take attitudes that we never imagine, regardless of whether they will hurt us or without realizing that it It would do so badly. The problem is that when this happens, it is difficult to forget and be as before.

We made a selection with hurt quotes for you to put out all the resentments that still have been fighting and discussions you have ever had with someone. They will help you put an end to this story and then move on. See and apply to your life!

hurt and grudge quotes

At times it is difficult to deal with our emotions and we end up feeling things we don’t want for our lives. We select hurt and grudge quotes so you don’t allow these negative feelings to invade your heart. Check it out and put it into practice!

Keeping hurt and grudge is a poison for the soul itself.

I don’t even keep money, I will keep hurt and grudge?

Do not keep hurt, do not keep a grudge, you will not be happy with these feelings.

I don’t keep a grudge, but I don’t have amnesia either.

Instead of cultivating hurt, hatred and grudge, cultivate love! Life passes very fast for you to waste your time with these small things.

hurt, grudge and sadness take up a large space in our hearts. That’s why we sometimes feel our hearts so tight.

The greater the grudge, the greater the pain.

To keep hurt in your heart is like drinking poison thinking that the other is who will die.

No resentment, no grudge, no heartbreak in the heart. This is how we should live our life.

Life is too short to keep so much hurt, sadness and grudge in the heart. Free yourself. Forgive!

someone’s hurt quotes

It is difficult to forget when someone special hurts us, because we place in that person all our confidence and friendship and we do not expect them to reciprocate our feelings. If you’ve been through a situation like this, you will identify with our selection of someone’s hurt quotes. Take a look!

I’m too hurt to ask you to stay.

There are people who are not worth the hurt. It is not worth the annoyance. Not worth the sadness. It is not worth indifference. It is not worth any feeling.

I was hurt, not because you lied, but because I couldn’t believe it again.

I always forgive the people who hurt me. Not to approach them, but not to get away from God.

I don’t keep hurt of all the people who did me badly, but that doesn’t mean you want them again in my life.

Stock hurt is the same as giving someone who doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t keep hurt … I keep names.

When someone hurts you, don’t worry about revenge. These people usually fall alone.

When someone hurts you or offend, do not retract. Do not respond the same way. Just feel compassion on the one who needs to humiliate, offend or hurt to feel strong.

If every time someone hurts me I won 1 real, I could retire without even working.

If a person hurts you once, it’s her fault. If she hurts you twice it’s your fault that allowed you to be hurt again.

Citations of hurt and disappointment

Unfortunately our life is not a fairy tale and we all go through disappointment along it. But we are not always prepared to deal with it and we end up suffering. We made a list of hurt and disappointment quotes for you to vent and share with those who disappointed you. See:

disappointment, hurt and sadness: so I summarize today.

disappointment does not hurt, just hurt and make us understand that not everyone is as we imagine.

I learned that time heals, that hurt passes, that disappointment does not kill, that today is a reflection of yesterday, that true friends remain and that the false, thank God, go away.

You did not disappoint me or hurt me. It was the version of you that I created that collapsed and ended up hurting me.

Many will hurt you, many will disappoint you, many will make you cry, but do not allow anyone to take your smile.

hurt, grudges and disappointments are part of life. The good thing is to go through this and know how to take advantage!

I already taken so careful not to hurt certain people and, in the end, they hurt me.

In disappointment, anger passes over time, but the hurt continues to hurt the heart and torment the soul.

hurts and disappointments make us widen our eyes, lock our hearts and roll up the soul.

I can’t take my happiness anymore in the hands of those who only disappoint me.

The people we love most are the ones that disappoint us, because we think they are perfect and forget that they are human.

Love Citations

What we feel for people depends on the way they act with us. So a crazy passion can become a great hurt when someone has an attitude we don’t like. See our list with love hurt quotes and share with those who broke your heart.

How sad when love turns into hurt.

You were the love of my life, but hurt me, hurt me.

Who loves you does not hurt you, do not hurt your feelings and do not cause sadness.

You hurt me and my heart closed. My mistake was to love you more than me.

wanted you. Today no more. You hurt me too much. I loved you so much, pity you let love end.

Why keep sorrows of those who only deserve pity? I am not. I decided that, for me to live well, I won’t keep anything bad, just the memories of a good time that we live well, when everything was love.

Love does not hurt, who hurt are the people who do not know the power he has.

Why keep all this hurt where so much love has been?

When I think of how much I loved you, it hurts my heart so much. You hurt me deeply and left me in solitude.

I didn’t miss you, just got tired of hurting myself. I will learn to get away from everything that hurts me.

I gave you my love, but instead of accepting it you hurt me and threw it out!

We often do not have the courage to tell the person how much he hurt us and we end up pretending that everything is fine. However, it is important to be sincere with their feelings and clarify things so that they do not repeat themselves. See our list with disappointment quotes and share with those who stepped on the ball with you.

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