42 dance messages for those who love expressing themselves with their bodies

When we dance, we have the freedom to show our personality and to be who we are. Therefore, there is no right or wrong when it comes to dance, the important thing is that each one can express what they are feeling and have fun with each movement.

It is no wonder we fit the dance at various times in our lives, at parties, the barbecue of friends or even alone in our room, listening to our favorite music. All of these are moments that we are happy and dance is a great way to demonstrate our joy.

For you to share your love for moving your body, we have made a selection with several dance quotes that will describe what it gives you. You will identify yourself and feel like getting up from your chair right now to dance. Check it out:

Dance quotes for God

Dance can express what you want. She is also a great way to praise God and to demonstrate all your feeling for Him. Check out the quotes we select about dance for God and keep them in your heart to remember them whenever you are dancing.

I am free to worship the Lord with my dance.

dance to God makes me forget my problems and remember who He is!

I dance not only for dance, I dance for feeling that every cell in my body screams and cries for the presence of the living God.

God is so wonderful that I lack words to worship. That’s why I dance!

dance to God, to live for God in dance, is to feel every gesture the presence of the Father. It is not just dance … is dancing to God!

Dance is a means of expressing what is within you, of worshiping God with all your body and soul, using movements, gestures and choreographed steps or not.

In my freedom, I jump and dance to the Lord!

Dance makes me float and slide in my steps that are turned to a single target, Christ!

I don’t love to dance, I dance to worship. I dance to God.

In the midst of dance, God is present!

They say my dance is simple, but many do not know that in this simplicity of expression, I can reach the heart of God.

In my room, I dance to God. In worship, I dance before God to minister in lives.

I dance to the glory of God!

Belly Dance Quotes

Belly dance steps are very elegant and sensual and delight many people. They also give dancers a greater knowledge of their body and, with practice, the movements are even more beautiful. If you make belly dance and want to share your feeling for dance, the following quotes are ideal for this. See!

Belly dance is art. I create with the body and feel with the soul. So dancing I live!

Put more emotion in your life … Make belly dance!

Belly Dance is something that when you find you, calls you, dismiss you, enables you, reinvents you, starts you, addicts you!

In dance we are all equal: passion in soul and hip dance!

Belly Dance: With each new dancer, a new woman!

Belly Dance is my life, it is part of my soul. When I dance it is as if it release me from everything and everyone, it is when I Libero the deepest feeling of love in me.

Belly Dance is the essence that moves and frees my truth!

Belly dance is not any dance. Your movements are reverences. Their rhythms represent a people. Your art goes far beyond the dancer.

She dances belly dance, feels the whole body involving and in her dance so light and happy, feels her soul shudder.

Quotes on dance and be happy

If you need to forget about problems and find something that makes you happy, dance is a great solution. When you allow yourself to release your body and let the music beats lead you, you feel free to express everything inside you. No wonder they say that those who dance are happier, check out the following quotes:

I went after happiness … I came back dancing!

Dance brings joy. The true joy of being able to recognize and express, simply and directly, the yearnings of the soul.

Dance heals sadness, improves mood, warms the body and erases any pain.

Be happy every day: dance!

dancing is not only a way of expressing happiness, but also of achieving it.

Dance is a great idea to eliminate the negative energies that insist on coming!

My happiness is priceless, it has rhythm!

By dancing we can turn all negativity within us into smiles and tranquility.

Dance is a second skin. She stretches, squeezes, shapes and protects who wears her. View it and be very happy!

Dance is the basis of happiness.

Funny Quotes About Dance

The best part of dancing is to find pleasure in what you are doing and make this moment a fun. Here you will find funny quotes about dance that describe how good it is for the body and soul. Share and show everyone that dancing is a lot of fun!

If you are going to dance … call me!

You will never be too old to dance. You will be old when you stop dancing!

I want to dance until my sneakers are over … Then I buy another and still dancing!

I don’t need wings to fly and feel free … I dance!

In life, we dance according to the music, if we don’t have music we clap.

Who does not hear the melody, find crazy who dances!

If the storm does not pass, learn to dance in the rain.

Are you nervous? Will dance!

My heart doesn’t hit, he samba!

dance as if there was no tomorrow. And if there is tomorrow, dance again!

Are you cold? Dance clinging that passes!

For dance lovers, all songs and rhythms are ideal for loosening the body. With that in mind, we have selected our other list with funk quotes that won’t let you stand still!

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