40th birthday of baby to celebrate the arrival of the little bundle of joy

Doubt the glow of the stars, but never doubt the light that a child emanates. Birth is a gift. Live this special moment with all the intensity of your heart. Whether to congratulate the new parents or to celebrate the arrival of your little angel, check out the baby birth quotes, share and party!

Baby birth quotes that bring many blessings to the family

My blessed baby, having you in my arms is the greatest happiness in life. Welcome to the world!

Congratulations to the family! May the arrival of this package of joy be blessing, hope and learning.

You are the gift that has come to unwrap happiness in my life. I’m so happy to have you by my side. My baby, you are everything to me.

Your family is growing up and I wish happiness to multiply too. May this little baby be a reason for many blessings in your home.

From the first cry and the first smile, I love you more than anything. Your arrival opens a sun in my life, beloved baby!

The greatest love in the world has come to take your sleep for a few nights and bless you with a life full of happiness. Congratulations on the birth of the baby!

The newest owl dads are in the area! Congratulations on the birth of the baby. May this be a beautiful love experience for you.

Congratulations! May the birth of your baby be a gift for your family! All the love of the world to celebrate this new life.

My baby, it is not only our family that is growing, with your birth, love also grows in our home. Welcome, my little angel.

I didn’t know what unconditional love was until you hear your cry for the first time. I promise I will take care of you forever, my baby!

Stork has arrived! Congratulations to the family. May this new chapter be of happiness, love and harmony. Enjoy the baby’s company.

There is a baby smell in the air! The day is more beautiful and my heart is filled with joy for being able to share this beautiful moment with you. Congratulations on the birth of the baby.

My baby, you arrived and changed my life. I feel so much tenderness, happiness and desire to protect you. You will be very loved.

My ray of sunshine arrived and warmed my heart. My baby, when I first saw you, I knew I will live to make you happy.

Congratulations, family! Enjoy every second of your baby’s birth. There is no recipe for raising a child, but I’m sure this child will have the best parents in the world.

It’s not just a baby born right now, it’s also a new family, a new dad and a new mom. Congratulations!

My baby, you were born like a little bit of sweet dream that leaves daddy and mom in the clouds. We are completely in love with our little angel.

I asked God to teach me happiness and He sent me the most beautiful baby. My little angel, you arrived in the world and it’s already my greatest inspiration.

Your baby is cute! What a desire to tighten these cute mouthwash. I’m so happy with the arrival of your little angel. Always count on me.

Today the world dawned more beautiful, because a little pack of joy came to its home and radiated the light of birth. Congratulations!

My baby, they say that birth is to give birth to a child, but it was you who gave me to light with your first smile. I already love you immensely.

May the sky daddy bless your baby’s birth. May this little angel make your life the most beautiful and exciting love lesson. Congratulations!

It is a great joy for our family to celebrate the arrival of this dear angel. Only love can define the miracle of birth.

Today I celebrate two births: the beautiful arrival of my baby and the beginning of a new life story. May love be our home.

My baby, for you, I kept all my love. My lap will always be yours and I will accompany you in all your dreams. I’m immensely happy with your arrival!

That joy, health, peace and hope involve the birth of your baby and shine affection within your family. Congratulations!

I don’t need to wish you all the most beautiful in the world, because you already have it! The birth of your baby is reason to embrace life and live the miracle of existence. Congratulations!

My baby, you are already the dad’s mother’s little denguinho. It’s amazing how much love fits in such a small being. Welcome, angel.

Welcome to the world, little miracle of God. Having you on my lap is knowing that my heart now hits your chest. All my love.

The big day has come! Congratulations on the birth of your baby. May this moment be beautiful, light and full of joy. Your family deserves all the love.

Congratulations on this special moment! May the arrival of your little angel illuminate your home, overflow your heart of joy and mark the beginning of a great love in your life.

Today we celebrate the birth of our treasure. My baby, may your life be full of the most beautiful riches. You are the light of our family.

I thank God for the miracle of life. My baby has come full of health. It’s an angel with smell of love.

It’s amazing to be able to look at you and say: my baby! His birth blurred my most beautiful side. May love be tender and eternal.

Congratulations! Your life starts now. May this child be the brightness of your day and the dream of your night. May your family live a little piece of heaven.

Congratulations on your baby’s birth! May your day be illuminated by the most beautiful smile. May the angels of God always be by your side.

You just born and I can no longer imagine my life without you. My baby, your arrival is the love I always wanted. I love you forever.

There was something missing in our family, but you arrived, my baby, and love overflowed. Now our home is complete and we will live a nest of happiness.

My baby, every minute of waiting was worth it when I first heard your cry. With you, I want to share the rest of my life.

When a child is born, the world gains a new hope. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. May the brightness of happiness shine in your home.

The birth of a baby gives us the certainty that life is spectacular. Enjoy this beautiful miracle, also check out the baby quotes and keep celebrating love.

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