40 wise messages that will make you think and inspire you

Our life is moved, we are always accelerated and in the rush. We are not always able to pay due attention to what happens to us and we can’t take lessons from these events either. So sometimes we need to force ourselves to take time to reflect and carry our energies wisely to face the various situations that cross our path. Trying to live wisely is the solution.

Thinking about it, we choose the best wise quotes for you to apply to your life. For each circumstance, a teaching! You can still help your friends sharing on your social networks. Demonstrate that you care what they are going through and that you are a person full of wisdom.

Wise quotes on life to live with more wisdom

I just failed my life when I didn’t say what I felt.

Enjoy as much as possible to every second of your life, after all, tomorrow does not belong to you.

Life has its difficulties, but you always have the possibility of turning around.

In two words I can summarize everything I learned about life: “It continues”.

Honesty is an expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.

There are three methods to gain wisdom; First, by reflection, which is the noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; Third, from experience, which is the bitter.

Never show your wounds … Blood attracts sharks.

The worst ambition of the human being is to want to reap the fruits of what never planted.

We couldn’t change anything without first accepting it.

There is no place to run: change, when they need to happen, they know how to find us.

Wise quotes for status to share on your social networks

No one is so someone who doesn’t need anyone.

The worst silly is what you think is very smart.

Better than being known is to be a person worth knowing.

Three rules: Promise nothing when you are happy; Do not answer anything when you are annoyed; Don’t decide anything how sad.

Nothing is as ours as our dreams.

Only the fools know everything. The wise learns something new every day.

There is a big difference between giving up and knowing when you have done everything you could.

Believing that you can be halfway there.

Keep in mind to do good and will receive good.

The distance between dream and reality is called discipline.

Wise quotes of love to inspire your relationships

For a world with more surprises and less promises!

keeps who says the soul… because anyone else can take.

falling in love is easy, but staying in love… this is the challenge.

If on a day of sadness you have to choose between the world and love, choose love, and with it conquer the world.

Blessed be the reciprocity of every relationship.

Do you want to find your true love? Before you need to learn to love yourself.

the one who loves understands and welcomes the pain of the other, since those who do not love, think it is staging and drama.

Love who accepts you even after knowing your chaos.

Anyone who motivates you to be better is someone worth keeping around.

True love is born in difficult times.

Wise quotes on God to revive His spirituality

Those who obey the Lord speak of their love.

Religion is a bottle with a label, spirituality is the thing inside it, many fight the bottle and few drink its content.

May God give me serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the ones I can and wisdom to distinguish from each other.

If you need, sell everything and buy wisdom!

Live with wisdom and live well.

I already cried for a plan that didn’t work out, but I smiled to know that what didn’t work out in my eyes, it was God making his plan work!

Your knees lead you to places that your feet would never lead.

We dream of one thing and God surprises us with a much better.

God is not punishing you, He is preparing you.

Dear problem, my God is greater than you.

I could give that gas right? Wise quotes help us look more wisely to our lives and our relationships. If you liked it, see also our selection of Shakespeare quotes and keep living an inspired and lighter life.

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