40 trickster messages to show everyone you’re smart

Trickster is that person that everyone thinks he knows nothing, but who is smarter than it seems. Usually, he observes more than he speaks and acts without worrying about the opinion of others.

We made a list of trickster quotes for you to think if you know someone like this or if you are the smart one themselves. Check it out and be smart with the rogues near you!

Calling humble quotes

Humility is a quality admired by many, but not all people have. We have selected humble roguish quotes for you to reflect if you have acted anyway in trickery.

The price that humility charges, has no trickery that pays.

Trickster that I am, I won’t falter. I am what I am and no one will change me. And this is what is needed, courage and humility. Right attitude at the time of truth.

Malandragem is living like this, without bullshit and without duty, anyway.

If the trickster knew how good it is to be honest, it would be honest only by trickery.

A good trickster, a good conqueror, has artist suit and player pique.

It took time, but today I can understand what real trickery is to live.

being a trickster is not being a bandit, neither thief nor opportunistic. To be a trickster is to be sensible, know how to get in, know how to leave and talk if necessary.

has a roguery of plenty and freedom to achieve everything she wants.

Trickster quotes for enemies

In this category you will find trickster quotes for enemies to provoke those who live by filling you patience. It’s the best way for them to stay away from you and stop disturbing you.

If it is difficult for trickster, imagine for suckers.

At the trickery school you studied, I was expelled for bad behavior.

Your trickery goes to where mine leaves.

I have no enemies, I have angry fans.

If you speak behind my back, it means you are always behind me.

envy I don’t die, but I kill a lot of people.

If at least the closed minds came with their mouths closed …

If you don’t have the courage to bite, don’t rosne.

the envious burns inside and out of envy.

Who has their own light bothers those who live in the dark.

Call Quotes Intelligent

Smart trickster observes very well what happens around you and knows the right time to act and to shut up. Check out our selection with smart trickster quotes:

Trickster is not the one who passes the others behind but the one who does what he thinks he is to fall into his own trickster.

The greatest trickster there is one who wakes up early and goes after his progress.

Trickster is the one who learns from the mistakes of others.

trickster is the one who has his plans and doesn’t tell anyone.

Trickster only gives you rope so you wrap it on it.

Trickster is the cat who lives in his roof and does not pay rent.

Trickster is the cat that even if ugly is still cat.

Trickster is the rabbit that fills you with chocolate and is only in the carrot.

Trickster is the owner of the sauna who makes money with the sweat of others.

Trickster is the seahorse that pretends to be fish so as not to pull wagon.

Trickster is the duck that is already born with the fingers glued to not use alliance.

Calm quotes in love

even the tricksters can escape love. See our selection with quotes from a passionate trickster and share with your friends who were caught by passion.

a trickster when you love it leaves.

Ah, the tramp was bound. Who would say, he was really in love.

bro, you’re crazy, nothing is by chance. Warns my cat, with her I case.

just a kiss for me to fall in love.

and the rarer perfumes, I would choose your smell.

With you by my side it is not complicated to leave the past there. I left you my message, I’m in love.

everywhere I am, everywhere I go, I think of you.

You are eternal luck tide. It is the woman, of all the most beautiful.

Trickster, it was inevitable that I didn’t get involved. It is unbelievable, you had to see.

Oh, my God! How am I going to tell her that now is she who I want.

At those times I say: tramp too loves!

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