40 tired messages for those who have no strength to live

Nowadays, everyone lives in an insane rush and it is impossible not to feel tiredness coming. There is pressure on work, relationship and a lot to handle at the same time. If you feel overwhelmed, you will identify with tired quotes. Check it out and share to express how you are in this madness that is life.

Tired quotes for status

But the worst is the sudden tiredness of everything. It seems to be abundant, it seems that everything has already been and that you want nothing else.

It happens to me sometimes, such a terrible tiredness of life that there is no chance of mastering you.

In the tiredness of trying, I wanted to give up. If it’s courage, I don’t know.

My soul is tired of my life.

What is in me is above all tiredness. Not this, neither of that, not even everything or anything: tiredness anyway, he himself, tiredness.

The daily life exhauses me!

It was not shot to cry. And his sadness was a big tiredness, heavy, without anger.

I’m tired of the routine of being.

I’m tired of working, I’m tired of screwing me, I’m tired of tiring, I’m tired of rest.

My tiredness is a lot because I am an extremely busy person: I take account of the world.

Work tired quotes

I am so tired of working and with so much work to do that I can not even give the luxury of rest.

My tiredness with work would only be resolved with 1 year of uninterrupted vacation.

I work to live, but work tires me all that I just want to sleep.

So this is how all the people who work live: tired.

I don’t know if I’m tired of my work or just sick of life.

I even like to work, the problem is that you have to do it all day and I get tired too much.

I’m tired of everything, but I say it’s from work because at least I have someone to blame.

Working tires, sucks my energy, takes my desire to live, but I need it, so I keep working.

In the calendar days, I regret wanting to do so many things because I need to work hard and it tires so much.

Who looks in my face knows that I need vacation and that work is sucking my desire to live.

Tired quotes to suffer

I got tired of suffering, but who said I can do something to change?

I really got tired of suffering and decided that I need to take a new way to my life because it doesn’t happen anymore.

Life has made me muggle and I’m tired of suffering. Can she give me a respite?

I got tired of suffering for people who are not worth my energy. I will learn to detach and be happy.

My heart is so tired of suffering that it is already making me feel this weight all over my body.

tired of suffering I have been a long time, but life keeps me reasons to cry and I feel that I am tied hands.

I want to be happy, I got tired of suffering and giving false smiles because I don’t feel well.

I won’t suffer for you anymore. I tired! You don’t decide and I don’t want to be taken by your inconstancy anymore.

I got tired of suffering for the love of others. I will invest in self-esteem and find happiness in me.

I want to be happy, but I’m tired and it’s not just suffering. I’m out of energy to do anything.

Funny tired quotes

Half of me is tired, the other half is sleeping.

tired yes, but ugly never!

Proof that I’m tired is that I’m changing to eat for sleep because my eye is no longer open.

so tired that I went to blink and dozed up.

I went to sleep to rest and woke up worse. I don’t know what to do to stop being tired anymore.

I’m sure I’m sonambula and my body will run a marathon while I’m sleeping. That alone explains my tiredness.

too tired to answer who bothers me, so I leave the person to think he won.

I need 1 year away from everything so I can get back rested. Otherwise, I will be forever a tired person.

I don’t realize the things of my life because I’m tired, so I accepted this mess because that’s what is having.

If there was a more tired person prize in the world, I would win, but I couldn’t get it because I would be tired.

Even though it is tired, life does not stop and you need to react to be able to go back to active. For this, check out citations of mood and let them fill you with willingness to live!

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