40 strong messages from God that fill you with His powerful love

Through faith, God reveals His strength, power, and great love for those who believe in His name. She is proof that he cares about you and prepares the best way to your life. Check out strong quotes from God and let them touch your heart and take you close to your father!

strong quotes from God that will give you strength to live

Believe in the strength of God and what He can do in your life. For him, nothing is impossible. Just have faith!

God is so strong that it is the only one that can lift us when we can’t do it alone. Makes our weakness the fortress and moment of encounter with him!

Obstacles appeal before such a great and strong God.

Don’t be afraid, because God is your safe haven and He will fight for you.

At all times, the strength of God is the one who protects us and gives us the courage to keep fighting.

I am the daughter of the strong god, who has already won death and goes before me, guiding my footsteps and opening the ways.

God wants you to know the truth and get strengthened with your love and your power!

No victory is impossible when the fight beside you is the Almighty God!

Do everything in the name of God and for the sake of your Lord. That way it will make you stronger and fearless.

No problem is greater than our God. He is big, he is strong and he is able to always do more.

Our faith strengthens us because your source is the most powerful God that exists.

Clean your heart, ask forgiveness for your sins and let God make you strong in your moments of greatest weakness.

If our projects are God’s will, he will make you strong to conquer them.

such a powerful and so loving God. A God who takes care and takes care of ourselves that we are flawed, proving that there is no conditions in his love.

I don’t need to fear because God’s love consumed me and showed me how strong I can when holding your hand.

Listen to what God has to tell you. In addition to being strong, he is wise and knows what is best for you.

God -planned life is the best choice anyone can make because he knows all things, never forsakes us, is a source of love and all the strength.

Praise be the Lord who is strong, powerful and protects us from evil daily.

When I had no more strength, God showed me that the only thing I needed was to trust in Him and His strength.

vigie, pray and ask God to make you strong and keep you from sinning against Him once again.

The Christian does not need luck, he just needs to depend entirely on the power of God and thus will be strong.

Do you know what you can turn everything into your life and make you strong? Your faith in God!

Trust in what is strong to do all new things and you will see how good it is to depend on God.

God does not make a mistake, it does not take long and is not good. He just acts at the right time and does what is best for his children.

When we approach God and know His transforming power, everything sets up.

God’s love is so powerful that it erases our mistakes from the past and gives us a new life.

Only God can take away the anguish of your heart. Deliver your fears into Him’s hands!

To overcome difficulties, kneel, cry out and let God show you the right way.

The Lord is my strength and my song; He is my salvation.

Because God’s madness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than man’s strength.

Praise the Lord, thank you for all that He does and how He uses His power to support you. His plans for you will be your strength. Trust!

God never tires of forgiving … We are tired of asking forgiveness.

We are not the ones who love God, but he who loved us first, He is the first to love.

God’s love is the only powerful thing that can fill the emptiness of our hearts, make us stronger and complete us.

There is nothing small in God.

God leaves your wrath quickly, but never repents your love.

It is not the circumstances that matter; It’s God within the circumstances!

God is able to accomplish, provide, help, save, prevent, transform … He is able to do what you can’t.

God loves us too much to satisfy all our whims.

Finally, strengthen yourself in the Lord and your strong power.

Only such a powerful God could give you a lighter and joyful life, right? Check out quotes of happiness with God and let him fill you with this peace that only He is able to provide!

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