40 striking messages from Racionais MC’s to apply in your daily life

I know who plot and who’s with me!

trust is an ungrateful woman who kisses you, and hugs you, steals you and kills you.

What’s the point of me being tough and my heart be vulnerable?

Wherever you are, whatever, have faith because even in the dump is born flower.

It is necessary to believe that the dream is possible, that the sky is the limit and you are unbeatable.

I was always a dreamer .. and that’s what keeps me alive!

Do not expect the future to change your life, because the future is the consequence of the present.

Money in your pocket, God in the heart, united family and champagne to brothers.

I love my race, I fight the color, whatever I do is for us, for love!

I was always a dreamer, that’s what keep me alive.

Do not expect the future to change your life, because the future is the consequence of the present.

If my future is set, I will go to the end just to see the result, I want money and a better life before my castle becomes powder.

We dream of our entire lives and only wake up at the end.

It took time but today I can understand what real trickery is to live.

The Path of Happiness still exists: it is a narrow trail in the middle of the sad jungle!

Do not understand what I am, does not understand what I do, does not understand the pain and tears of the clown.

May God keep me, because I know He is not neutral, watches the rich but loves those who come from the ghetto.

Everything that comes easy, goes easy. This is the law of nature!

haste is the enemy of victory. The weak has no space and the coward dies without trying.

A toast to the warrior, Zé Povinho I am sorry.

The soul keeps what the mind tries to forget.

The right, it is right in war or in peace.

I right for sure, as 10 and 10 is 20.

The cheap is crazy and the process is slow.

I never had a bike or video game now I want the world equal citizen Kane.

believing and dreaming is always necessary!

We live killing brother, why? Don’t look like this, I’m just like you.

The attitude of evil influences the good minority.

Be smart with the world, attentive to everything and nothing.

In the modern world people do not speak, on the contrary, silence, stepping on, betray, kill themselves.

If you want war, you will have, if you want peace, I want double.

If it’s to be mine, it will be mine. It is written in the stars, will complain to God.

It is always necessary to believe that the dream is possible.

bad weather will pass, it’s just a phase!

Live little as a king or much like a Zé?

My goal is ten, nine and a half nor rolls.

The world is different from the bridge here!

Whatever has to be, will be mine. It’s written on the stars!

It is very easy to escape but I will not.

A wounded heart, per square meter.

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