40 strengthening messages to stay firm in difficulties

In difficult times, strengthening quotes are always welcome to giving courage and following life. Getting to strengthen in God, spiritually, in love and friends, is important to keep up the trials. Check out the best strengthening quotes we have prepared for you and share your favorites.


seeking strength in God is a good attitude to take when life’s challenges appear. Reflect on this from the quotes we selected.

The Lord is my shepherd and nothing will lack.

I will say of the Lord: He is my God, my refuge, my fortress and I will trust him.

I no longer fear the sea, because my faith is firm, in my boat is, Jesus of Nazareth,

I can do everything that strengthens me.

Do not give up on difficulties because God will get you up.

God’s love is greater than your suffering. Trust and he will strengthen you.

My strength comes from a miracle god.

Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid or be terrified because of them, for the Lord, your God, go with you; will never leave them, never abandon them.

Come to me, all who are tired and overwhelmed, and I will give you rest.

It strengthens the tired and gives great vigor to what is without strength.

Spiritual Strengthening Quotes

Spiritual life is an important area in the lives of all people. Regardless of religions, it is very important to keep the spirit strengthened to support the setbacks that arise in our way. See the following quotes.

Divine justice will prevail. No themes!

O Holy Spirit, help me battle all battles and never give up on any combat that appears to me.

Father, give me strength to overcome all my enemies.

Divine light strengthens the Spirit.

Spiritual strength is more powerful than material force.

The power of prayer is able to cure your spiritual pain.

Faith is essential for a balanced soul.

Gratitude is able to transform your spiritual life.

Patience disarticulates the mechanisms of evil.

Positive thinking is fundamental to having the light spirit.

Quotes of Strengthening in Love

Feelings and attitudes, within any relationship, are of utmost importance to a lasting love. Reflect on your affective practices and strengthen your loves from the quotes below.

The pillar of love is confidence.

Treating the beloved with priority is what makes a healthy relationship.

often conflicts arise to strengthen love.

Respect and dialogue strengthens love.

Where there is love, it is careful.

Kindness is critical to strengthening love.

The secret of a strong and lasting love is companionship.

But I see you and feel the brightness of this look that calms me and brings me strength to face everything.

Knowing that I love you makes me stronger.

Your love brings vigor to my days.

Strengthening quotes for friend

Life is very heavy without friends around. And like every relationship, good friendships also need to be watered and strengthened. Inspire and strengthen yourself and your friends.

Friend is something to keep on the left side of the chest.

friend, know that I am always here for whatever comes and comes!

If you have difficulties, be aware that I will fight with you!

You for me, it’s more than a friend, it’s a brother!

Our friendship strengthens my sad days and gives me the strength to follow.

friend, I miss you but I know I can always count on you.

Friends make our burdens lighter and life happier.

Friendship as ours is like a precious stone.

A true friend inspires us to always be the best of us.

The strength of our friendship is priceless, but it has great value.

Now that you have been strengthened and are ready to share this strength with the people you love. See also quotes of hope and faith to coat the heart of light.

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