40 spiritual messages of reflection that will make you think about life

Those who follow the spiritist doctrines know that this is a faith that propagates a great self -knowledge. With diverse reflections, this religion proposes another analysis of our mission in this land and other astral planes. Do you want to know a little more of these principles? So read these spiritist quotes for reflection and share it with everyone!

Spiritist quotes for reflection full of deep learning

Do not try to control the situation, try to control your reaction before it.

Life is not always as we dream, but we do not always dream what we want to live.

Our happiness will naturally be proportional to the happiness we do to others.

Who learns to listen carefully, learns to speak with profit.

Men sow on earth what they will reap in the spiritual life: the fruits of their courage or weakness.

born, die, still reborn and always progress, such is the law.

Forgiveness is not just for each other. It is also for a negative feeling not to be retained in you.


God gives us every day a new life page in the book of time. What we put in it, run on our own.

It is not overcoming others, it is to overcome yourself, striving the best always.

If you have to love, love today. If you have to smile, smile today. If you have to cry, cry today. Because the important thing is to live today. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow may not come.

Leave some sign of joy, where passes.

Accepting our problems in good mood is the best way to convert them into factors of helping ourselves.

Do not be angry with an ungrateful person; They are probably confused or inexperienced.

Avoid problems with fanatics; They remain stuck with exclusivism and deserve compassion like any other prisoner.

Tolere the flaws of others and do not present them at the gossip festival. We all go wrong! Wise is one who, in error, learns to act with correction.

Everything is love. Even hatred, which you think is the antithesis of love, is nothing but the very love that has become seriously ill.

You dominate the words unpaid, but it is subordinate to those that have pronounced!

Old age inherits the life of youth.

Do not overwhelm your days with unnecessary concerns, so that you do not miss the opportunity to live with joy.

Sorry offenses, whatever, putting the unpleasant subjects in oblivion.

Each day is a new chance to change something in your life.

Life is what you want daily.

Indeed, how could evil, error, injustice in the world could not be overcome if it is not beginning to overcome it in every particular being?

The good man, who understands charity according to Jesus, anticipates the unfortunate without expecting to extend his hand.

But in the spirit world, our guides say, music is the sublime expression of divine thought.

The essential objective of art, we already said, is the search and realization of beauty; It is, at the same time, the pursuit of God, since God is the first source and the realization of physical and moral beauty.

If God doesn’t give you what you want is because that’s not what you need.

Body life is the synthesis of the radiation of the soul. There are no organs in harmony without balanced thoughts.

Every spiritual cure requires cleaning of thoughts.

Life is a constant walk here and when we disincarnate.

The present must be lived as the last moment on this earth, because perhaps it really is.

Death is nothing more than one passage, from that life to another. Let’s be grateful for that.

The true light is within each of us. Goodness is a great way to get to her.

We are whole dimensions within just one being. Learn to access each one and take just good.

Everything we do for each other reflects on ourselves, be it good or evil.

We all chose our reincarnatory plan. Remember: You planned what you live yourself today.

Everything is a much larger plan than we are able to understand in this life.

Life flows and always takes you exactly where you should go.

Be grateful even for bad times, as they show the true value of the good.

These are so many beautiful teachings of the Spiritist Doctrine, aren’t they? To keep learning more about it, the tip is to read these quotes from Chico Xavier!

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