40 spiritual good night messages to brighten your sleep

A tiring day asks for a calmer and calmer night. And nothing better than coming to the comfort of home and doing things we like! To make your mind calmer and get in touch with God, the tip is to check out this list with beautiful good night quotes for you to sleep with a warm heart.

Good night Spiritist Quotes to have a blessed night

Enjoy the silence of the night and sleep in the certainty that God is preparing a beautiful dawn for you!

Every good deed you practice is a light that you rise around your own steps. Have a good night!

May your night be beautiful, may the moon shine in your heart. May there be joy in your look and peace in your walk.

Every night is proof that God guided you all day and filled you with blessings.

God is powerful to do infinitely more, far beyond what we think or ask.

May God warm your heart and soul tonight!

May the spirits of light and healing visit you tonight.

Father, may my faith today be smaller than tomorrow. May my faith shine more every new day. So be it. Good night!

Dreams do not die, just fall asleep in the soul of us.

Do not look at the size of the road. Realize how much you already walked. Good night.

The night is dark and silent, but the light of the moon or the stars will always be lit to illuminate your dreams. Good rest! Sleep in peace.

One night in the presence of God is a great way to prepare for the coming day.

Everything yours will find a way to get to you. Good night!

Sometimes God hits so much that we don’t even know how to thank. Close your eyes and only contemplate his presence. Good night!

May your night be sweet and loving, may your life be full of a thousand positivities. A good rest to the Spirit. Sleep in Sacra Paz!

Do not forget the prayer before bed, the increasingly intense connection with Jesus Christ, because it is the key to health and also the remedy for insomnia.

May the peace of God spread in your home, in your life and your family. Good night!

From the immensity of the night will always be born the glow of a new day. Work and proceed ahead, because God’s blessing awaits you in every dawn.

End the day with the certainty that the best days of your life are yet to come and trust God.

May I never forget that God loves me infinitely, that a little grain of joy and hope within each one is able to change and transform anything, because life is built in dreams and realized in love. >

To live each day, without lifting our voice. We hurt peace and joy to those who live with us.

The good that is done in one day is the seed for happiness the next day.

One night is never dark and fearful in the presence of God.

Darkness does not bother who carries the light in the eyes. Good night!

Good night! Start by praying. Prayer is light in the shadow in which the disease settles.

God is powerful to make things possible. Trust.

Night’s silence is a great opportunity to deeply connect with God.

Despite all stumbling and storms, we have to believe that something good is coming. Have a night full of light!

Pray in silence and trust God, waiting for Divine Providence. Because God has roads where the world has no ways.

Have a good night and the best dreams. May guardian angels always protect you.

Sleep in the peace of Jesus. Tomorrow is another day.

God will give the order to your angels to keep you in all your ways.

Have faith! Tomorrow is a new day full of God’s wonderful plans for your life.

May all the spirits of light can guide you to a quiet night and a day full of joy.

That night I will ask God to choose the best dreams for you!

Good night! The result of what we do awaits us later.

Good night! Born, die, still reborn and always progress. This is the law.

Men sow on earth what they will reap in the spiritual life: the fruits of their courage or weakness.

Let God comfort your spirit that night. Tomorrow you will reap the fruits of your actions.

Prayer does not always remove us from suffering, but always covers us forces to endure it.

After a well -slept night in God’s presence, how about starting the day full of blessings? Check out this list of beautiful good morning quotes with Jesus!

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