40 short messages of affection that will fill you with sweetness

No relationship survives for a long time if not built and sustained with love. No big acts are needed, nor do we need many words to express this sweet feeling. Just simple, humble, honest and heart gestures. Therefore, we have selected the most delicate short quotes of affection that are like cafun├ęs for you to offer dear people. Check it out!

Short quotes of affection that will leave the most beautiful day

Your existence is a gesture of affection in the world.

With my horse’s rope Mi I made an alliance for her, proof of affection.

In cloudy days, your affection is sun that warms my heart.

A Cadard Star fell into my window and I asked her to intertwine her affection in mine forever.

Feeling a touch of affection, the good taste of your mouth, what a crazy thing, gives me pleasure.

Your affectionate hug makes my heart bubble with love.

Your hug is unmistakable, your affection is unique.

In the garden of life, affection is fertilizer that makes us flourish.

makes me affection, warm me in your arms, lend me your shoulder.

Wrought affection in my hair, conquered my heart.

affection is free! Spread around the world.

Give affection, show the world that the salt of the earth is.

There are heart pains that only affection can cure.

You are my little benzinho, my love, my favorite affection.

There are demonstrations of affection that immense us.

For you, my affection is inexhaustible.

Infinity is small to define the size of my affection for you.

A hug with filling of affection and love coverage is much more tasty.

Your affection is like color pencil, you color the watercolor of my life.

I promise to give you affection, but I like to be alone, free to fly.

a heart is rent, the rent is paid with love.

affection is the bridge that connects your heart to mine.

I want the soft blossom, angry blind octopus is my affection.

Sometimes a gesture of affection is salvation for our day.

affection is like a glue that fixes the broken pieces inside us.

In the end you will see that the lightest things are the only ones that the wind could not take: an old string, a care at the precise moment.

Your affectionate kiss is my favorite moment of the day.

If life were a car, the affection would be gasoline.

I want the affection that only the warmth of your hug has.

I distribute a secret like those who love or smile. In the most natural way, two affection are looking for.

May the affection become routine in our life!

Sometimes, all we need is a cup of hot tea sweetened with love.

When the breeze touch you, don’t be alarmed. I asked the wind to take my affection for you.

In the puzzle of life, your affection was the missing piece to complete me.

Far from your affection and your look, which accompanies me has a lot of time, I think of you every moment.

All the affection of the world to illuminate your day.

Your smile is a pimp to my heart.

Life is too short for us to waste affection. Take care of those who take care of you.

I will do, love, a nest with love, a lot of affection for you to take shelter.

affection is to donate to the other in a hug.

The affection is hugging with love. So, also check out the quotes of love and keep sharing beautiful feelings with those who broaden your smiles.

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