40 separation messages for those who are suffering at this stage

When we go into a relationship, we often think that it will be forever and that nothing will interfere with it. But this is not always the reality. Over time, some couples will no longer respect each other as before, not to prioritize the relationship, and thus it is wearing until it reaches the point where the best solution is separation.

This is a difficult decision and it is important that it is made in the best way, without hurting each other with words or attitudes, so that they can continue to have a good relationship even separated and not forget the good times they have lived together.

Thinking about it, we made a list of separation quotes for you to face the end -headed ending and show that it is a ripe person who can deal with this situation. Keep in your heart the good things you lived and always put your happiness as a priority!

Separation Quotes for Husband

The completion of a relationship does not always mean that the couple no longer love each other. There are situations where the two realize that the relationship is no longer doing well for both and prefer to let each one follow their way. If you are going through a moment like this and want to show your ex husband that everything is fine between you, send him one of the quotes of separation to husband we selected. Check it out:

The end of a relationship is not an unfortunate ending. It’s a new chance for a happy new end.

It hurts you a lot of goodbye, but not even farewell will take you from my heart.

years of marriage and everything is over. I even thought that nothing existed. But yes, we were happy for years, a beautiful happiness, but it came to an end. I thought I could never be happy again, but I found myself the strength to keep fighting.

Even following different ways, affection and respect will continue the same.

Although our eyes no longer cross, there will be times when our thoughts will meet in space and we will miss us together again. Goodbye …

My comfort is that even separated I will always be with you in thought.

Our love is over, but the memories were to tell the story that will never be forgotten.

Separation does not mean that the relationship did not work. It worked for a period, but the ideas change and the paths differ.

I wanted our marriage to work out, but life has shown that my happiness is elsewhere.

Neither will you make my heart forget yours.

Separation and Overcoming Quotes

It is not easy to say goodbye to someone you lived amazing moments, divided your secrets and built a story. But we are all able to overcome this situation, follow our lives and find a new way of being happy, without holding on to what we live in the past. Check out our list of separation and overcoming quotes and know that you are able to go through this!

As much as love is, sometimes it ends and we have to continue our way.

I never imagined that our relationship would come to an end. If they told me, I would swear not. The first days were unbearable, I didn’t want to believe it. Then came the pain, the anger and now it’s time to start over, because I deserve to be happy.

Do not be mourning for what has gone over or thinking about what could have done. The important thing is to know that you did your best and if your best was not enough, patience. Raise your head and move on.

Overcoming is a daily achievement. Detach yourself with every moment of love that no longer lives.

We must learn to live with the end of a relationship, because life continues and it cannot stop.

I say goodbye to you now knowing it’s the last time. I say goodbye to you and also what one day was our love. From now on is new life, a new self and a new restart.

Overcoming is necessary. Move on is essential. Looking back is a waste of time. Past if it was good, it was present.

A great love can come to an end, just as new loves can arise. Overcoming it is part of life and it is necessary, even if difficult.

There are always ways to overcome a breakup, just not only to be carried away by feelings. Thinking and using the head is the only way to break the barriers and move on.

Do not fantasize the return of ended love. Put an end point and start a new phase.

Citations of separation and sadness

An important phase of the end of a relationship is to allow to live suffering. Don’t be afraid to put all your sadness out, to cry how much you find necessary and to have a moment to think about what happened. So, after facing all your feelings, you will be able to put an end to this story and follow your life. See our list with separation and sadness quotes and face the situation in your time!

There is no more painful farewell than the one that separates two hearts they love.

The worst goodbye is what marks the end of a story we expected to be eternal.

relationship ending is crying, it’s longing, it’s needful, it’s all … But what made us happy.

Difficult is not to forget, it is to convince your heart that you no longer come back.

You tell me that another special can appear on this walk. Ah, how hard it is to believe, think of new meetings, another kiss, hug, company. Everything seems distant to me when I still eat love for someone who left me.

Lives separate and with separation is formed the tsunami of the sadness that devastates the soul.

Not even the smoother goodbye calms a heart with longing.

Neither medicine heals the pain of separation.

Let the tears fall by the face, it is normal to cry at the end of a relationship.

All separation is sad. She keeps memories of happy times and live longing in them.

separation and comfort citations

If you know someone who has gone through a relationship ending, you can comfort her with a message that shows that she will be able to overcome this and should not feel guilty for what happened . See below, quotes of separation and comfort and help your friend deal with this.

I know you are suffering a lot, but do not lose faith and trust your heart to God. He will comfort him.

I know it’s not easy to deal with all this, but you will be able to overcome this event. I am by your side to give you the strength you need. Believe that a cycle has ended for now, but a new one can start at any moment and lead it to the happiness you are looking for!

When a relationship ends, we seem to fall to the floor. We were lost! But time heals everything, friend! Have faith that things will improve and do not forget that your beauty begins in the heart.

You will overcome this. This pain will pass, trust me!

Don’t cry at this farewell. She will make you stronger.

Life is made of restarts and today, my friend, it is your turn to show all your courage following a new path, hoping to find true happiness. Finishing a marriage not just changes our routine, changes our perception of love and life.

The pain you are feeling does not compare with the joy that is on its way.

Have strength and never discourage obstacles, for with faith you will overcome all.

The early days are not easy and sometimes we think it is best to go back with separation. But as much as these wounds cost to pass, be determined to follow your way and be happy.

Learn that some people just don’t deserve to be in your life. It is difficult to reach this conclusion, especially if this involves feelings of love very strong, but the important thing is not to blame or be too sad if a relationship is over.

It may seem like cliche, but some cycles of our lives end so that other better can happen. With that in mind, we have selected our other list of overcoming quotes to show that you are able to go through anything and what better moments are to come!

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