40 sad messages about life to enjoy bad times

There are times when everything seems to be going wrong and a deep discouragement takes over. At these times, it is very common to sink into Bad, after all, life is not just made of good situations. If you are experiencing significant malaise, check out our quotes of sadness with life and go beyond what you feel!

Quotations of sadness with life to extravate what afflicts you

The hardness of a moment of sadness gives us lessons for a lifetime.

It’s been so long that I don’t know what happiness is. I live my life in this constant sadness.

Sometimes it seems that life is just a sad story with no prospect of a happy ending.

I just wanted everything to have felt again.

There is a kind of sadness that doesn’t make you cry. It is like a shame that empties him inside and lets him think of everything and nothing at the same time.

Time only heals what no longer matters.

How much sadness there is in this life. Only uncertainty, just farewell.

Sadness is not wanting to do anything, just lie on the bed and look at the ceiling.

Only the pain owner knows how much it hurts.

My life is a romance between sadness and illusion.

Don’t think too much, don’t expect much, don’t love it much. Because everything that is so much, disappoints you.

When we were children, we cried loudly to draw attention. Today we cry very softly so as not to explain the reason.

As the disease occurs in the body, sadness occurs in the Spirit.

I feel like wrong every day.

Don’t let sadness paralyze you.

The world is beautiful, but life is sad.

I just wanted to have a reason to really smile.

With each disappointment you learn to trust less, surrender less.

a knot that has no end in the throat, a sadness that does not leave in the heart.

It’s sad to be so new and already think that life is no good.

Relax, I’m fine. I’m just not happy.

Sometimes it seems that life is too small for so much sadness that I feel.

I stopped looking for monsters under the bed when I found out they were inside the people.

Life is remedy and poison in one bottle.

It is not life that is sad. It is the people who hurt us and make us feel like nothing to get well again.

To be strong is smiling when life only gives you reasons to cry.

Sometimes it beats a sadness like that out of nowhere …

Sadness flies away on the wings of time.

Nothing especially, just another sad day in my sad life …

I don’t know if juice, if I cry or pretend that everything is fine.

There are times when I would like to go back in time and get rid of all sadness, but I have a feeling that if I did it, joy would also disappear.

I make my life a scenario for my sadness.

Life is not sad, it has only sad moments.

Life is sad and happy at the same time. Happiness would not exist if there was no sadness to balance everything.

Tears are words that the heart cannot express.

Sadness taught me that you need to be reborn several times in the same life to continue living.

Figning happiness is the worst kind of sadness.

Sadness and tears are not signs of weakness, but of strength and sincerity.

Every human is around with a certain kind of sadness. It may not even show it, but there is if you look deeply.

The worst form of sadness is the one you don’t know how to explain why.

Okay to be sad at times and sink into Bad to recover. But if you are looking for a motivation to get out of this state, check out our citations of hope and understand that no sadness lasts forever!

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