40 romantic good night messages to sleep with a happy heart

Sleeping with a word of affection from those we love leaves the sleep night lighter and happier. It is a simple gesture, but it makes all the difference. So that you can send beautiful messages to a special person, we made this selection of romantic quotes of good night. Check it out and spread a lot of love every night!

Good night romantic quotes to warm the heart with love

Having you by my side is what makes life better and most beautiful. Have a great night, my love!

Good night, my dear! The certainty of our love makes me sleep quietly and in peace.

Sleep well, my love. I’ll be here dreaming of you and our future together!

With you I came to understand what is the true meaning of love. Good night!

Good night, my dear. Sleep well and the certainty that I love you so much and I will always be by your side. Kisses!

By your side I feel complete, I feel strong and very loved. Thank you for intensifying the best in me. Good night!

I hope you come to invade my dreams with your beautiful and charming smile. Good night, my love!

Knowing that I have your love in my life makes me sleep well and wake up even better. Good night, my angel!

Good night, my love. I wanted to sleep beside you, but even far away, I’m sending all my love so you have a quiet night.

Sleep well, my love. May God bless your dreams and allow you to have a renewing rest! Good night!

The love I feel for you is intense, beautiful and infinite. Good night!

Good night, love. I can’t wait to sleep together without worrying about anything.

Good night, my love. Always sleep in the certainty that I love you and I will be by your side at all times.

May the stars of this beautiful night illuminate your dreams, my love. Good night!

Good night! Nothing in this world can disturb our happiness and our love. Our destination is to be side by side forever.

You enchanted me, made me believe again in love and today I am happier than ever. Good night, my love!

Good night, my love. Your presence in my life brought full happiness, realized dreams and true love.

May your night be quiet, renewing and that you sleep in the certainty that I love you so much. Good night!

Your love is like a dream that has come true and made my life happier. Good night!

Every day before bed I thank God for putting you in my life, making me the happiest person in this world. I love you. Good night!

Good night, my love. When looking at the starry sky, always remember that I love you and I will always be with you, even in the distance.

Since I can’t be by your side right now, I hope I can find you in my dreams. Good night, my love!

Good night, my life. May the glow of the stars illuminate their dreams and that this moment of rest is renewing.

saying good night is not simply a way to finish the day, but a loving way to say that I thought of you before bed.

I think of you all day, and when night comes, you also invade my dreams. Good night!

I pray every night and thank you every day for you being in my life. Good night, my love!

From the ways I walked, the people I found, you are one of those I will never forget. Good night!

We will always be from each other, from birth to sunset every day. Good night, my love!

Every night, when putting your head on the pillow, I want you to imagine how much I love you and how much I want to live the rest of my days by your side. Good night!

At dusk, I feel this longing homesickness to hit my chest. I miss you with you by my side. Good night!

You are the love of my life and I want to live by your side until the end of my days. Good night!

Good night, my life. May this longing to sleep with you end with your presence beside me.

Even sleeping, I always think of you, us and our love. Good night!

May the Lord bless your dreams and allow you to rest well for the beautiful day that will be dawn tomorrow. Good night!

I found by your side, countless reasons to believe that love can be forever. Good night!

To love is to change the soul from home. You are my home. Good night!

To love is to feel you close, even when you are far away. Good night!

Our love will always be more important than any distance. Good night!

Good night, my life. I hope you surprise me tonight in my dreams!

Every night before bed, my last thought is you. Good night!

Love must be declared whenever possible, for it is the greatest of feelings. Check out our selection of cute quotes of love and be sure to tell that special person how much you love you!

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