40 reflective messages for children who recognize the importance of their parents

Children do not come with manual and, when we talk family, we must know that there will always be divergences. After all, we are different, but what can not be missed under any circumstances, between a family, is love, affection and respect. We have selected these beautiful quotes of reflection for children to demonstrate the importance of union between parents and children and celebrate family love. Check it out!

QUOTATIONS OF REFLECTION FOR CHILDREN who demonstrate the true value of their parents

To be a father is to have the heart of God. It is giving life for yours with nothing in return to receive.

Who loves you most and wants your good are those who gave you life.

Love is freedom, but it also requires obedience and respect, honoring our lives to those who gave their own to see us grow.

You may not understand your parents today, but when you mature you will look at each advice with other eyes and understand that, deep down, it was just a way to say “I love you.”

Who does not respect the father, do not respect anyone because a real man will be a father either.

Parents do not always know everything, but one thing is fact, parents are experts in loving their children.

The people who have given us life are those who will love us to the end.

Enjoy every moment with your parents. They are not eternal!

The easiest and most true way of honoring your parents is quite simple: love them as they deserve.

Want to know a genuine love? Watch your parents!

Thank you for everything you have in life, but first of all, thank your parents, because without them you would never have arrived where you arrived today.

You tell me that your parents don’t understand you, but you don’t understand your parents. You blame your parents for everything and this is absurd.

a mother would do anything and anything for a child, but would the opposite happen too?

A tree is more devoted to its fruits than the fruits are from the tree. After all, she was the one who gave her life and nourished her, and only she knows the effort of it.

Honor your Father and Your Mother, that you may have a long life on the earth that the Lord, your God, gives you.

If there is something in the life we ​​should always thank, it is for the lives and love of our parents.

Unconditional love hangs over you and protects you every day. And the least you can do is honor and respect who gives it.

parents will always be parents, and children will always be children. This relationship does not change like others.

After years of helping you and supporting you, the least your parents deserve is the recognition that they did a good job with you.

It is worth having patience than being brave.

When I say “no”, it is not about not loving you, it is about loving you so much to the point of knowing minimally what is best for you at that time.

The greatest proof of love, after the death of Christ, is to generate and give life. Not anyone who can perform such a miracle.

Love returns with love. Honor your parents!

Son does not come with instruction manual, as well as life. We offer the best we have, within the possibilities we know.

A child need not be equal to his parents. After all, we are all and think different, but respect is necessary in this relationship!

If your mother told you to take the umbrella, take the umbrella!

I know I love you more than my own life. So on my knees I beg God: “Please let me be a good father, everything He needs, love, knowledge, discipline too” … I dedicate my life to you.

There is an exchange of affections between parents and children that can only be understood by those who live. The bond is eternal, what happens!

Children, your Christian duty is to obey your father and mother, as this is certain.

You may even disagree with your parents, but remember that it was created by them. A good part of each of the two lives in you and constitutes who you are!

I may not have given the best things, or everything you deserved, but I give you and I will give you forever my unconditional love. Never doubt it.

No hero will never be as good and will not have as much claw and love as father and mother.

You can laugh, think it’s bullshit, or that they are talking just to scare you, but really one day the record falls and you understand exactly that your parents have always been right.

There are times that we need to take on mistakes, and understand that what was advised by our parents was really the best to do.

If you have nothing more to offer today to your parents, offer at least a good conversation. Your company can do their day better.

Respect your father and mother and love others as you love yourself.

Parents are irreplaceable and invaluable. Everything we are owed to them.

Father, you were my hero, my thug. Today is more much more than a friend. Neither you nor anyone is alone. You are part of this path that today I follow in peace.

Do not expect to lose your parents to value them.

When you fall, make sure that the only hands extended to you will be your parents.

There is whatever there is, know that your parents will always love you. To demonstrate this, we select these quotes for beloved children. Check it out and fill your heart with affection!

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