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Gossip is an evil that can destroy relationships of all types. There are people who love to tell our secrets out there and manage to increase stories by destroying our image even to those close to us. Check out our list of quotes for gossipers and show that you’re not one to take insults home! Share to show your opinion on those who gossip!

quotes for gossipers that teach you how to stay away from people who don’t hold their tongues

Gossip is stories invented by those who are dissatisfied with their lives.

Talking about other people’s sins doesn’t make you a saint. Just a gossiping sinner!

When you talk about me, call me! I know terrible things about myself.

Super Bonder is a great lipstick for gossipers.

If you had an ounce of self-love, don’t go around making things up about other people.

If I’m going to call what they’re going to say, I won’t do anything!

That’s a lot of little people for a lot of big mouths.

It’s really sad that people need to criticize and find fault with others to feel a little better.

Gossiping people are nothing short of petty!

Be careful with what you say, those who listen don’t always have good intentions.

Do you know what I want most in this world? Away from fake, gossipy and envious people.

They talk bad about you, because if they talked about themselves, no one would be interested.

Certain people should become fortune tellers, since they know everything about other people’s lives.

People who gossip need to make up stories about other people’s lives to feel better about themselves.

Stop sitting at the table where they talk bad about others. Because when you get up, you are the subject.

Call me a gossip, but you’re the one who talks bad about others!

Gossip is always at the service of envy. The more envious the person, the more gossipy they are.

Friendship with a gossip is like an elastic band: you stretch it, stretching it, until, at some point, it snaps.

If a gossiper’s tongue could unravel, we couldn’t imagine where it would end up.

Your attitude and gossip only show how low you are and how unworthy of respect you are.

Before you tell someone your whole life, make sure they are not gossips!

A person who gossips cannot be trusted.

While people are investigating and fussing over my life, I work to generate more concern for those who are curious.

I’m very careful with people who tell me gossip. I’m sure they talk about my life to others too.

False and gossipy people are like frogs: they have a long tongue, big eyes and live in the mud.

I just think that people should take care of my life a little less and start taking more care of their own.

No secrets are told. When it’s told, it stops being a secret and becomes gossip.

Gossip is created by envious people, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.

I learned to keep my plans to myself, because there are gossipy people around that we can’t even imagine who they are.

Hypocrites are those who hate people talking about their lives, but love gossiping about other people’s.

The best medicine for a gossip is to drink his own poison.

Gossip: he wastes the life that God gave him to take care of other people’s lives.

Know that your gossiping tongue is destructive, and one day, it may end up getting to you.

Thirty-two teeth are incapable of holding back a gossiping tongue.

For the gossipers on duty: go dig up a lot because you’re too idle to talk about my life.

Learn that not speaking badly about others is the best way to speak well of yourself.

You’re bilingual, right? Speaks Portuguese and other people’s lives.

When God says in the Bible “pray and watch”, He is not talking about the lives of others, he is talking about his own.

You can say whatever you want about me, the important thing is that I’m at peace with myself and I don’t care about other people’s opinions.

The tongue is so light, and yet there are people who can’t hold it.

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