40 quotes about the body that teach us to love and accept ours | messages, wishes and quotes

Today’s society sometimes imposes unattainable standards on what is or is not beautiful, affecting the way we see bodies. However, a movement of acceptance has started in recent years and is growing. He teaches that everyone is beautiful and deserves to be loved. So, check out quotes about the body that inspire you to embrace yourself!

quotes about the body to welcome and treat yours with more kindness

There are different types of bodies, but they are all beautiful. After all, they are the ones that give us the best experiences, they are extensions of our interior.

Be kind to your body, it is your home and houses all your dreams.

The most beautiful body is the one that gives you movement, lets you live and makes you happy.

It’s the defects in your body that make you who you are. Learn to appreciate them.

Don’t base your love for your body on the judgment of others. Love yourself as you are!

Your body gives you a life full of movement, love it for everything it allows you to be and live!

Do exercise because it is good for you and improves your health, not because you want to change something about your body!

Every curve of your body shows an experience it gave you. Love your body and your story!

A happy soul lives in a healthy body!

Your body doesn’t need to conform to a standard to be beautiful. He is beautiful with his marks, his folds, his curves and his experiences!

Instead of criticizing your body, observe everything it allows you to do just by existing!

There’s nothing more ridiculous than people who feel comfortable criticizing other people’s bodies.

The marks on your body tell your story. This is too precious to be forgotten and unloved!

The revolution begins when a woman decides to embrace and love her own body!

There is a unique beauty in the body of a woman who has learned to love herself as she is!

Don’t fight a war with yourself because everyone loses. Learn to love your body completely!

You may even want to change something about your body, but don’t stop loving it and looking at it with more affection.

The human body is a machine that works perfectly and when a gear needs attention, it sends signals. We need to be attentive to hear them!

Living hating your body is living halfway!

Perfect bodies are those that are happy with life and enjoy everything they have to live.

Your body is your home. He needs special care and cleaning from time to time!

Don’t get carried away by other people’s criticisms about your body. Remember that he is beautiful exactly as he is!

Be proud of your body because it has given you the happiest moments and survived your greatest pains!

Admire your body like you admire other people’s bodies!

A woman’s body is exclusively hers and no one has rights to it except herself!

Our body moves, runs, dances, smiles and rejoices. Our body is everything we need!

You’re not the one who needs to fit into your clothes. They are the ones that need to adapt to your body. Don’t mistreat yourself because a piece no longer fits.

Once you accept your body, life becomes lighter and your smile becomes truer!

There is a peace that only reaches those who understand the beauty of their own body!

I am a body, a being, a single body. It has color, it has cut and the history of my place. I am my own vessel, I am my own luck!

The human body is a machine that moves through life at each stage at a different pace.

Healthy body and mind. I wake up early in the morning to watch the sun rise. Everything in place!

To have a warm body, I froze my heart. To hide your sadness, use waterproof makeup!

My body is a garden, my will is its gardener.

The body is not a machine as science tells us. Not a guilt like religion made us believe. The body is a party.

You’re going to be sick! I turn your mind with my sensual body, my mouth is hot, it has no equal.

The body occupies! The body is not to blame!

Our body is perfect, it is the temple of the Lord and every movement is to his praise!

You’ll see me dancing, you’ll see me loving, you’ll fall back!

How many times have I dreamed of joining your body, my body into one body!

In addition to your body, you need to learn to love your interior and everything that completes you. Check out quotes about the soul and take care of yours with great affection!

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