40 partnership messages to send to the friends you trust most

having a partner friend is much more than having someone to live good times. It is having a refuge in difficult days, is going through perrengues together, is having someone who remembers you whenever who lives funny moments, cares with you and wants to see you happy at any price.

A friendship like this needs to be cultivated, because it is not everyone who is lucky to have a partner by his side to share life. So value who really wants to see you well and also ready to extend your hand when they need you.

See our list with partnership quotes to send to all those you are proud to say that you are your friend. These people make their lives be worth it and be with them is to make sure they will have a lot of laughs, stories to tell and moments to remember with a smile on their face! Share and remember everything that have already passed together.

Partnership quotes to share with your friends of all hours

If the partnership is true, friendship will be eternal.

My partners I take to life, because I know they will be with me whenever I need.

If the smile is sincere and the partnership is honest, the distance does not matter.

partnership is not running after the partner, but running next door.

real partner is one who says yes, without even knowing the question!

Partner is that friend we know we can call anytime and he will always be available to listen.

Partner is the one who scolds you when you are wrong and support you at the right times. Partners for madness has several, partners for life are few.

helping, cheering and wanting well is being a partner.

Partner is the one who battles by your side against everything and always has a word of incentive and friendship.

A real partner is one who is a friend and brother at the same time.

I collect partners on the walk. I do not collect enemies, I do not relate, I do not thrill. For them I don’t feel anything.

partner who is a partner does not abandon the allies.

A partner is the one who never leaves you in hand, either to celebrate or to give a friendly shoulder.

Who plants generosity, reaps good partnerships!

Crisis do not move friends away. Partnership always!

The path is more beautiful when we can do it with the partnership of friends.

My life is more complete because of your friendship. Let it be like this, you and you partners until the end!

From friends to partners, from colleagues to sisters. In the midst of our games, I realized that I want you for a lifetime.

brothers, confidants and partners, but you can call it best friends!

Partnership is about commitment to someone!

A friendship without partnership is not worth it. I like people with whom I can count on.

Having a partner sister is having a dear friend for a lifetime.

Partnerships make bad days pass faster.

single friend is a partner friend.

To partners I have to offer my presence, perhaps even confused, but real and intense.

friend, companion, laugh and fighting partner, I love you, my sister!

Partnership is partnership, anywhere, anywhere, anytime!

friend and partner is the one who never lets you give up.

partner friend need not be single. It can be married or wrapped, the important thing is to be true!

partner friend is the one who duplicate your happiness and divides your suffering.

better partner is worth a thousand acquaintances!

my friend, my partner, my angel!

Friendship is this, companionship and partnership in the good and bad times. After all, everything is lighter when you tell you.

When the partnership is strong not even the destruction of the world would be able to shake.

CLOSED PARTNERSHIP, confirmed brotherhood.

partner of those who only know to ask I don’t want to be.

You will always be the best friends, partners and brothers of other mothers I have! This I will take to the end!

Who is real partner does not play on the team against.

Choose a love that is your partner, so that they never get tired and never end.

The partnership is strong, the enjoyment is crazy and friendship is eternal.

There are people who want to keep in pots so as not to let them come out of our lives, right? See our list with friendship quotes and share with your friends that you want to be always around!

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