40 pagoda messages for those who can’t do without a barbecue with the gang

Weekend, Sunday with that beer barbecue in the backyard to the sound of pagoda. Which Brazilian doesn’t like it, right? Certainly the pagoda is the style of music that marks the Brazilian and represents him well. It has lyrics and melody for us in love, for us who love a bar and still for the guys who love to enjoy friendships.

No matter what the situation, there will always be a pagoda song that serves as a soundtrack for the moment. Thinking about it, we chose 40 pagoda quotes, for you who do not dispense with the good energy of the tambourine!

Romantic Pagoda Quotes

Music always understands and understands the hearts of lovers. And with the pagoda would be no different. Check out these romantic pagoda quotes!

Love is to feel not to understand.

Your charm, your look, your meek speech makes me delirious.

You have no idea how much I wish you. I like your kiss just looking at you.

I love you as I never loved anyone. I want you as I never wanted someone one day.

I will seek in the most beautiful infinity love to give you.

How do I prove that what I feel for you is a sincere love.

It’s so tasty when we love for real.

I want to have you, it costs what it costs for all your life.

Stop of PIRRAƇA, come stay with me. I don’t see fun to be just your friend.

Just for you fell in love, just in your arms I wanted to live.

Pagoda quotes for friend

Without our friendships we are nothing! See pagoda quotes to send to that special friend.

I thank God for today having you!

Because if you move away from me I will suffer, losing your friendship won’t be cool.

Caraca, Muleke! What a day, this!

Take care of me that I take care of you.

We fight for bullshit, but I accept your way.

I don’t know how to live without her.

There is no love in the world like this one.

The way you entered my life is to stay.

If it is to be without you, for me it does not give.

I’m glad I found you, now I’m happier.

Pagoda and Beer Quotes

Who doesn’t like to have a cold enjoying a good music right? See these pagoda and beer quotes we have separated.

But you like boteco and bottle beer!

She will only go if she is a box.

If I’m drinking a beer, drinks in my glass. If I turn a cigarette, want to smoke for me.

My place, it is surrounded by struggle and sweat, hope in a better world and beer to celebrate!

Everything thrown, beer everywhere, a smell of burnt rice and she wanting to zuar.

barbecue on the ember, cold beer, nothing to do.

Then I drown in a glass of beer.

drink a very cold beer, flirt with the guys.

Who doesn’t like a pagoda and a beer?

brings a cold just to refresh.

Pagoda Quotes For Tattoo

Is it pagoda on duty? Check out these pagoda quotes to tattoo!

have faith. God is with you.

Everything that happens has the right time to arrive.

Who samba on the sea is mermaid.

Let love smile.

It is wrong to learn.

The little with God is a lot and the very much without God is nothing!

I want to be happy.

armored heart does not take spell.

No one will be able to delay who was born to win!

Just believe that a new day will dawn.

You can come, weekend! Now that you are already inspired by the churras with the guys, how about taking a look at this selection of carnival quotes to get in the mood for good? Share with your friends and happy the whole class!

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