40 one-day-at-a-time messages that teach about patience and resilience

In the midst of the chaos of an immediate society, it is common to live in a hurry. The problem with this is to pass enriching experiences and the days pass without enjoying them. Life is unpredictable, so it is necessary to learn to step on the brake from time to time. See below quotations of one day at a time to show the importance of keeping calm.

Quotations of one day at a time for those who want to keep their hearts quiet

We walked so winters that any fall made us believe there is no spring. But we hear inside, like an unpretentious breeze: it will pass. You will see.

It is necessary to learn to live one day at a time so as not to go crazy thinking about the unknown future.

Do you live a life that would like to live for all eternity today?

Patience made me understand that life is lived calmly, without haste, one day at a time, each with its own particularity.

So don’t worry about tomorrow, as tomorrow will bring your own concerns. For each day your own difficulties are enough.

Full of paranoia and poorly elaborate issues, she lived without seeing the days. I was scared to death of the future and anticipated the pains of the future without even knowing what it would be. Until one day, he discovered the beauty of living one day at a time.

haste that if we all have exact day and time to achieve what we want?


Look at life and say to her, “I want to be happy now”.

Life is lighter when we do not try to run over the events of the days.

When the situation is good, enjoy it. When the situation is bad, transform it.

Each day has its own imperfection and beauty. It is up to us to value these particularities to have a better life.

I think that fulfilling life is simply to understand the march and play ahead. Like an old cattle taking the cattle, I’m playing the days on the long road, I’m going … I am.

Living in a hurry prevents you from seeing the beauty of everyday life.

We expect so much to be happy in the future that it forgets the present. Learn to live one day at a time and be happy in each of them!

calm, girl! The difficult days will pass and you will smile again. Just be patient and live one day at a time.

The past is left behind, learn from him. The future is in front of you, prepare for him. The gift is here, live it.

Days are like mathematical problems, some are more difficult than others, but never insoluctable. Solve one at a time.

For every moment of difficulty there is a whole world of opportunities to be happy. Keep calm, and live one thing at a time.

Don’t want to do every day equal, for it is in their difference that we achieve strength to fight for our dreams.

Without past, no future, I live one day at a time.

Tomorrow will bring other possibilities. Have patience!

Our hope is in the Lord, He is our aid and our protection.

Each new dawn brings with it an innovative possibility. Don’t hurry to live!

Each day is the story of our whole life when we are on the run. Every minute of freedom is a tale with happy ending.

Don’t let the chaos of the days steal your peace.

We lose life, running over the days.

Do not want to carry the weight of every day at once. Each day carries your own difficulty!

That’s why I will live, with nothing else to lose and without hurrying, one day at a time.

Ah, if she knew that life is lived by little, that it is slow that it goes far …

In a race, you need to walk every mile to reach the finish line. Think about it!

Live one day at a time! Life is not easy and does not come with an instruction manual, but in the midst of all your confusions and adventures, it always offers us something good.

I have a new philosophy. I will only fear one day at a time.

Don’t fall into the trap of wanting life to go quickly because of a problem. Enjoy the days, one at a time!

Life goal: learning to have patience and live one day at a time.

Life is far from all that we planned, but day after days, it surprises us with something good. Have faith!

Do not want to live on past achievements and glory. Living a new challenge and gaining a new victory every day is what gives grace to life!

Focus your energy and vitality in the good things of life, and enjoy the uniqueness of each dawn.

I don’t know where I’m going, I just know I’m not lost, I learned to live one day at a time.

Tijolinho by Tijolinho, we build a house. The same is done with life … Only, for her, the bricks are the days.

If you want a quality life, you need to rush aside and adopt patience as your best friend. After all, life is made of moments and moments need to be enjoyed in the best way. How about checking these quotations of peace and balance to understand how to have a quiet life?

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