40 Nursing messages to recognize the importance of this profession

You have certainly had to stay in a hospital. Do you remember how it was treated there? In addition to the doctors who make the diagnosis and prescribe medicines, there are very important people who take care of all this: nurses! They are the ones who take care of the patient’s welfare during their stay at the hospital and everything else that the sick need.

Nursing professionals walk through the corridors for hours, visiting rooms, recording data and managing medicines. They also make long night shifts, making sure each patient is comfortable and receiving proper care. Have you ever stopped to think about the claw that nurses have? They do all this for pure love the profession!

Therefore, nothing fairer than recognizing these little angels who have chosen as a career to take care of the population. We have selected a list of the best nursing quotes to recognize this unique work. Check it out!

Nursing citations that portray the profession

Nursing is the art of unconditionally caring, is taking care of someone you have never seen in life, but still help and do the best for it. You can’t do this just for money … this is done by and with love!

Nursing is an art; And to accomplish it as an art, it requires such exclusive devotion, as strict preparation, as the work of any painter or sculptor; For what is it to deal with the dead screen or the cold marble compared to dealing with the living body, the temple of the Spirit of God? It is one of the arts; You might say, the most beautiful of the arts!

Neither the troop of an army gives us the confidence and security of an nursing professional.

Nursing is beautiful, save lives!

All good nursing professional is a warrior for facing an unfair system, heavy work scale, low wages and difficulty working, as well as giving good assistance to patients. We often work in a war scenario and survive. We are strong!

A health plan can be done by doctors, but health is made fundamentally nursing.

Nursing is the art of caring, and we are the artists of this complex and indispensable science in health.

What I want most in my profession in nursing is to avoid death and accelerate the healing process using care and love.

I chose to be a nurse and dedicate myself to health, because I respect life.

Nursing is the science of care.

successful are all those who think of practicing the profession of nursing without aiming at profit or enrichment.

more beautiful than the words of a doctor is the affection of a nurse, who has to love for a short time getting used to the losses.

Taking care of science and art are the main bases of nursing.

White is the color that we nurses wear to the fight. Fight for the weak, the oppressed, the sick, for those who are unable to fight and who need someone to fight for them.

We must be the nursing we want to have.

Not all superheroes use covers. They are dressed in white and are called nurses!

I chose the shifts, because I know the dark of the night frightens the sick. I chose to be present in the pain because I was very close to suffering. I chose to serve others because I know that all of us, one day, will need help. I chose white because I want to convey peace. I chose to study working methods because books are a source of knowledge. I chose to be a nurse because I love and respect life!

The nurse is the one who cares and gives love in the hours he needs, without even knowing him. Ensures your well -being at all stages of treatment.

Nurse doesn’t like what he does, loves!

Nursing of the future is built today. What are you waiting for?

Nursing involves the presence of feelings such as compassion, empathy, protection and love, both regarding being careful and in relation to ourselves.

Care hands that bring tranquility and hope.

Be the nurse you would like to have if you were the patient!

Nurse, the white of your clothes conveys peace. The warmth of your heart warms the soul. Your dedication raises the mood. Your smile rejoices your heart. Your affection makes a lot of difference. Your touch conveys energy … so you are a gift from God in the lives of those who need your dedication!

Nursing is art, it is emotion, solidarity and nobility of character.

Sometimes I help people live, sometimes help you die … But I always help. I am a nurse.

To be a nursing professional is to carry the mission of taking care of each other, giving them all to relieve pain and suffering of people who will not always remember that face that was by your side trying to relieve your pain. P>

The most effective instrument of nursing is the love for patients.

All kinds of art to be well done needs exclusive devotion, this happens to nursing, because it is also an art!

To be well executed, nursing needs to be seen as an artist sees his art and treated as such, with rigorous preparation, total patience, exclusive devotion.

Nursing is not just an art. Among all the arts, it is certainly the most beautiful.

Being a nurse is always believing that a miracle can happen.

In a nurse you find: an heroin, an angel, a sister, a friend, a companion, a wife, a mother. A nurse brings all these characters inside because in the heart, in order to give comfort to those who need it, she has a little of each one.

Good humor, ethics and professionalism. This is the recipe for a good nursing duty.

As a nurse, you have the opportunity to heal the mind, soul, heart and body of your patients and their families. They can forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel!

Nurses are angels dressed in white, flying through the hospital corridors.

Nursing is the art of leaving all your problems and weaknesses at home to be strong for patients.

There is no other profession that deserves as many adjectives characteristic of good as nursing.

To be a nurse is to be a heroin. With no power, no cover … just with some instruments and a lot of love.

To be a nurse is to be able to choose the right word, to speak on time, for the person you need to hear.

The life and work of nurses is not easy at all. They face several challenges daily, but all with a lot of love and affection for patients. Some television series portray this routine of doctors and nurses and show a little about what it is like to work in a hospital. One of them is the Gray’s Anatomy series, have you heard? We have a selection of Gray’s Anatomy quotes for you, check it out!

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