40 mourning messages for a nephew who left and left a hole in the family

Losing someone dear is never easy. It is complicated to understand why things happen, but it is important to say goodbye so that the heart finds a way to start over. So check out quotes of mourning to nephew and tell your boy that he will never be forgotten. May they bring comfort at this time so sad!

Citations of mourning to nephew that say one last goodbye

It is very sad to lose a person we love so much. My dear nephew, rest in peace and be received by the Lord!

Life does not prepare us for this goodbye. So young and so much to live, but God knows what he does. He has his favorites, my nephew, and called you to be close to him. I will miss you!

The heart of our family is mourning for our nephew that was called so soon by God. Rest in peace!

I will remember you always smiling, always having fun and teaching us about the lightness of life. The longing will be eternal, my nephew.

It seems that life is not fair when someone we love so much goes. I will grab our memories to overcome your absence, my beloved nephew.

It was like a child to me, so I feel pain like a mother who loses a piece of her. I will love you forever, nephew!

You were a special person who taught me a new love, aunt’s love, a second mother. It will not be easy to live without you around.

Cost to believe that you are gone, my nephew. You made me laugh so easily! The longing will be eternal and when God willing, we will be together.

God called you back, my nephew. I’m sure you will brighten the sky. Rest in peace!

God only to comfort our hearts with your departure, nephew. We will never forget how much you loved to live!

will be the memories of everything you did for me. Your heart has always been very generous, nephew. Rest in peace!

You made us believe more in humanity because you were such a good boy. May God receive you in heaven, nephew! May our hearts be comforted, because we were not made for this world.

I can’t believe you are gone. It will be difficult not to have you here to rejoice and mess up the house, nephew. Mourning!

My heart is in mourning for my nephew. Your departure made everything look gray here, my boy! What comforts us is knowing that you are before God. There is nothing bigger. There is nothing better in this world.

I will miss eternal my nephew that left and took a piece of me. You will always be loved.

The more I think, the more it seems to lie that it happened. Rest in peace, my nephew. I love you!

I saw you grow and become a beautiful, dedicated and hardworking man. It’s hard to have to see you leave. Rest in peace, nephew!

I will remember you with great affection and love. You were always a special boy and I loved you so much, my nephew.

One day, we will all be gathered again. Until then, I get attached to our memories and how much I enjoyed your company, my beloved nephew.

My favorite nephew is gone and I feel that I will never feel complete again. Goodbye, my friend!

My heart is in pieces. Goodbye, my beloved nephew. May you find peace in the lap of the Lord. We entertain ourselves with the memories of kindness you have sown in our hearts.

will be the happy moments we live together and all the affection we exchanged. You were light in my life, nephew! Mourning.

May you find eternal rest, nephew. And let the sky happy to have you back. Let’s keep living because you would like it to be so.

It seems that a piece of happiness was torn from me. I no longer have my nephew here. What a sadness. Rest in peace, my boy.

You were also one of my best friends. I will miss our conversations and adventures. Shine wherever you are, nephew.

Pain seems to be bigger than me. I never thought I had to go through this. Rest in peace, nephew. The longing will be eternal.

I will no longer hear your voice, receive your hug and be able to give you advice. What a pain, my God. I miss you eternal from my nephew.

You have become a star in the sky that will illuminate our family. Goodbye, nephew!

When looking at the sky, I hope to smile trying to find you. I will love you forever, nephew.

I cling to memories to endure the pain of not being able to hug you anymore, nephew. I love you and I will love you forever.

The tragedy of your departure is being difficult to assimilate. I saw you grow up and I didn’t expect to see you leave anytime soon. Rest in peace, my nephew.

May God show us why to do this. Today I cannot understand, but I trust that his will, well, was made. Rest in peace, my nephew!

We deliver our family’s suffering into God’s hands because it is not easy to accept your departure, my nephew. We will love you forever.

The world lost colors because you left, nephew. You were the one who cheered me up. What am I going to do now?

You were one of my reasons for existing. I won’t be able to walk without you, nephew. May God help us all.

Rest in peace, nephew! Look for all of us up there because we will need to get used to your absence.

You went to shine beside God after illuminating our lives. Rest in peace, nephew!

Not to give up on everything, focus on one day we meet again, nephew, in a place where there is no pain. Mourning!

Good thing I enjoyed your company a lot and I always made my love clear for you, nephew. It will be so missing. The longing will be eternal. To God we were made and, for Him, we came back. Rest, my boy!

It will be difficult to live with your absence and I will see you in all that was your face. Rest in peace, beloved nephew!

Gradually, the heart is finding a way to move on. When the chest squeezes with the absence, check out quotes of eternal longing and remember the good things they lived together.

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