40 messages to help you avoid or overcome a toxic relationship

Toxic or abusive relationships do not just happen between couples – they can happen in the family, at work and even between friends. The important thing is to reflect on what a healthy relationship is and what is not to identify when a toxic relationship is emerging and preventing it from growing too much. So check out our selection of quotes on toxic relationship and protect yourself in the best way!

Quotes on toxic relationship that help you keep up only good energies

If the relationship makes you more unhappy than happy, eliminate you from your life.

Abusive relationships exist because our society is toxic and teaches us that love hurts. Why does love hurt?

The idea of ​​an unreachable and unreal masculinity is one of the things that drive many men to be toxic with women.

After I left you, I never went to sleep crying.

When I learned to love myself, I put myself first and released myself from all the relationships that held me and prevented me from growing up.

fairy tales deceive us with the idea of ​​a “happily ever after” without saying that to be happy, it needs a lot of dialogue and respect. It is not magic formula!

Not always the people who say “sorry, I’ll change” really change.

We often fall into a toxic relationship because we have so few models of what would be a really healthy relationship.

I donated myself for love. He always wanted more. Until I exhausted myself and realized: that whole love should have come to me, just for me.

If you don’t add, add.

The only thing that should move two people to continue together must be the free desire to be together.

We should not feel guilty, fear or insecurity in a healthy relationship. If we feel that way, and there is no openness to dialogue, be wary. This relationship may not be that good.

We cannot live the life of the other. Only our life belongs to us.

Sometimes people attach each other for a kind of feedback from insecurities.

Do not romanticize the phrase “I need you”. There are many things we need without love or affection involved.

Do not let anyone overshadow your light and your joy. Irradie!

You have no obligation to accept the characteristics of the other that only hurt you. You have to seek your happiness.

“You will never find someone who loves you like me” – and I don’t even want to! I want someone who loves me without trying to move.

Why be with someone if not to be happy?

When you say you accept someone as this person is, do you really accept it or you tolerate? Do you accept or want to shape it?

The person can start with simple things, controlling their clothes, their schedules. Then it starts to control who you talk to, your friendships. If you do not act soon, you will control your whole life.

I want to be with someone I don’t need: I want to want to be there, not need.

Emotional blackmail is one of the worst forms of abuse, as it makes you look the wrong and cruel person of the relationship.

In the same land, healthy plants and weeds may be born. It is important to know which cultivar and which one to tear through the root.

You don’t have to hit people to treat them brutally.

Repeat with me: You are not responsible for the happiness of the other. Breathe deeply. Repeat as many times as you need, until you believe.

Sometimes mothers and fathers depend so much on their children to feel complete, that they do not allow them to leave the nest to fly alone.

Do not close the doors for those who just want to open your eyes.

If the person you are living with defects in your friends, it is better to think if this is really the best person for you.

Do not give up your freedom and autonomy for what, at one point, you think to be “love”.

Loving yourself gives you strength to keep the bad energies outside.

The person arrives and, suddenly, wants to control everything: your clothes, your friends, your social networks. If she didn’t like you as you were before, why did you look for you?

If you need to swallow your cry and your anger without having room to talk about it, this relationship may not be that healthy.

Remember: Just saying that loves is not enough – it is important that the relationship really adds something in your life.

saying “you are crazy” is not a healthy form of dialogue.

Do not accept that no one makes you feel a wrong, unworthy person. You have your own perfection.

The first person on the list of those who should not continue in your life is: one that does not rejoice with your achievements.

The idea that one cannot gather the relationship of others only serves in maintaining bad relationships. GOAL TO SHORT YES!

I realized that our relationship was bad when I did the math of how many nights I was going to sleep crying because of you. They were almost all.

If one person doesn’t trust enough about another to the point of watching him, is it healthy to continue together?

Everyone is susceptible to living a toxic relationship, because we often do not realize while we are living, only after. This is why it is important never to move away from true friends and always hear the advice of those who want our good. To do this, read our quotations about ancient friendship and celebrate the importance of this connection!

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