40 messages of thanks to God for the victory granted by Him

Conquering something is phenomenal! Thanks to your efforts, you have been rewarded with what you wanted and it deserves to be celebrated! However, it is important to remember who made glory and chose the best for you. So check out gratitude quotes to God for the victory! Divide your moment of joy with the Lord of the achievements!


Thank you, my God, for this victory! I know I was determined, but I also know that I would have nothing advanced if you were not by my side.

Because I reached a fair path to victory, God was with me. Thank you, Lord!

God demanded from me only faith and perseverance. I struggled, went ahead and today I can thank you for the victory!

With God by my side, I always knew I would do it … and I did it! Thank you, Lord!

I thank God, whom I serve with clean consciousness, as my ancestors served, as I constantly remind me of you, night and day, in my prayers.

God does not abandon your children and dreams along with them. Thank you, father, for our achievement!

I thank God for this victory, for I recognize that every achievement will always be ours, never only mine!

Giving GOD Father for all things for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Overcoming difficult days, like the ones I lived makes me recognize how strong I am. This strength I found in God and I’m grateful for it!

Thank God, today I count on this achievement. Thank God, my life is marked by victories!

So far the walk was difficult, but God has not allowed me to give up and now my victory has come. How much gratitude in my heart!

Now, our God, we give thanks, and praise your glorious name.

My heart overflows with gratitude to God for allowing me to achieve this goal for which I fought so much!

What a joy to celebrate this victory more! I know I only got it because I put God ahead in every stage of the process. Thanks, my father!

Those who have faith in God receive the focus necessary to achieve their goals. See this victory? God who gave me!

By God, I tried and, thanks to him, I conquered. Thanks, my father!

May the peace of Christ reign in your heart. For this peace you were called as members of the same body. Also grateful.

The journey is difficult, but victory makes the whole process worthwhile. I am grateful to God for living every day difficult with me!

Whoever believes in God does not fear, for he knows that whatever his own will be conquered. Thank you, father, for giving me this victory!

rooted and built in him, signed in the faith, as they were taught, overflowing with gratitude.

I know I still have a lot to live on the story that God wrote to me and I’m ready. I am grateful to the father for overcoming this step more!

Every victory of the children is also the victory of the Father, so I celebrate this achievement with God!

Every day is a victory, but today I feel especially grateful to God for the fruits I gathered!

Thanks to the Lord, cry out for your name, disclose among the nations what he has done.

I asked the Lord to do the best and he thought it was my time to win. I am grateful to God for my victory!

God gives victory when recognizing a humble heart deserving. Thanks, father!

It is an honor to be able to say that this victory came fairly and thanks to much faith. It is an honor to be able to thank God for this miracle!

All dreams I dreamed of God and today I thank you for realizing one more. Thank you, Lord!

For all that God has created is good, and nothing must be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.

This victory is not only mine, God kept me standing and didn’t let me give up when I failed. Thank you, Lord!

When God is placed ahead, victory is guaranteed. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the achievement at the right time!

and everything you do through words or actions, do so in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

My God is the God of achievements, but also the waiting. I waited in God and I’m grateful to Him for winning!

God knows everything and over everything puts your plans. Good, my God, that my victory was in my destination!

God is too good and proved me that once again today. Thank you, sir, for this beautiful victory!

is not concerned about anything. Present to God all your needs through prayer and supplication in thanksgiving.

I was not even close to the achievement, but when I put God ahead, the victory was mine. Thanks, father!

How much gratitude to the father! God took my hand and took me along the way that today allows me to celebrate victory.

Thanks to be given to God for his extraordinary gift.

Those who trust God trust victory. Thank you, sir, for realizing my dream!

To thank God is knowing how to recognize that He has led to victory! To remember another indispensable presence in this process, also check out citations of thanks to the family, the safe haven that welcomes us and always inspires flying further.

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