40 messages of renewal to celebrate the power of change

To renew is to accept that changes are necessary for the life cycle. The constant movement keeps us in balance, bringing what no longer serves us and bringing new opportunities to be happy. So, what needs to be renewed in your life? Reflect on this with renewal quotes and open yourself to what is coming.

Renovation Quotes for Status

If you are in the pace of change and renewal, show the world how you feel. The quotes below are ideal for updating your status and demonstrating that you believe in the power of movement.

In this life, many demolitions are actually renewals.

renews the mind and starts again.

Turn the page, there is a new chapter to wait!

With destruction comes renewal.

Sometimes you need to renew yourself inside and outside to reinvent yourself.

It is impossible to progress without change. And those who do not change their minds can not change anything.

Spring flower renews our energies!

Living is not a matter of finding yourself, but of renewing yourself.


There is no renewal if there are no changes and often they start inside. The following quotes are ideal for nourishing the feeling that you need to move, check and get inspired.

The renewal you want is in the life change you don’t accept.

rewrite yourself, republish, reinvent yourself and become the best edition made of you.

Changing is afraid, but we should be afraid of staying in the same place.

Run behind, change and see the renewal happens in your life.

If you don’t change what you do today, all tomorrows will be like yesterday.

I realized that changing our thoughts, we change life.

Embracing changes means opening up to the renewal of the life cycle.

It is in the winds of the change that we find our direction.

Quotes of Renewal in Love

lasting loves are constantly renewing. Each gesture, every word and each look make a difference in a relationship. Renew your stock of love with the quotes we selected.

Love is still the best source of renewable energy on the planet.

May our love grow every moment and renew daily!

I want to renew our vows of love every day, months and years. May our love grow constantly.

The unforeseen happens and someone finds you, reinvents you, starts you again, renew you.

My love for you never exhauses, always renews.

It’s time to open your heart and renew your love for others.

drop the leaves that no longer serve, create room to flourish. It is time for autumn in love.

start over, renew, re-amar: It is the necessary cycle in love.

Energy Renewal Quotes

Energy is nothing more than the movement to stay in balance. How do you usually renew your energies? The following quotes can help you with this.

Nothing better to renew the energies than a sea bath.

Every day is the day to renew the energies nurturing good thoughts.

renew your energy with what illuminates you.

The energy flows where the focus goes.

firm mind, washed soul and energy in constant motion.

Deliver me from all the energy that does not bring me peace.

Listen to that voice that exists inside and observe the energy flow and everything moves around you.

Come Peace, come love, come happiness, come energy renewal.

Faith renewal citations

And finally, how about renewing your faith? If it is difficult, the following quotes can help you remember the power in faith. Check it out below and light your inner light.

Because everything within me needs to be changed, Lord.

Ore, not until God listens. But until you hear God!

When we put our faith into action, everything around it transforms.

Who plants faith, reaps miracles.

renew your faith, let her command you and see all your fears disappear.

and if you have a 1% chance, which you have 99% faith.

The light that guides me is much stronger than the eyes around me.

Do not put limits on your dreams, put faith!

It’s amazing when we open to the new and let the changes come. Also read our selection of butterflies quotes, as they teach a lot about accepting the cycle of life renewal.

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