40 messages of reflection on marriage full of teachings and affection

Relationships, in general, are complex. The union of two people for love goes far beyond what can be seen. When we talk about marriage ties, this complexity gains greater meaning. With that in mind, we have selected the most sincere quotes for reflection on marriage that will address relevant ideas about this union and demonstrate how genuine it is. Check it out!

Quotations of reflection on marriage that demonstrate the magnitude of marriage ties

Marriage is a loving bond that does not fall apart. It is affection and complicity that is not found anywhere.

In a marriage, two people need to surrender equally to the relationship. If there is more or less delivery of one of the parts, the couple will be subject to failure. One will have to carry the unequal yoke to sustain love.

The beauty and depth of marriage ties are the result of a genuine surrender to the other that fills the heart with an endless joy to teach us about hope, love and patience.

Marriage is a junction of souls, hearts, cultures, ideas, families … UNITING TWO PEOPLE GOES FARFIT BEYOND PARTIES AND SIGNATURES.

A successful marriage is not a gift; It’s an achievement.

When you are with a person and neither of you feel the need to have and/or be super-man or super-women, but at the same time, they want to make your life better, marry! P>

marriage, besides love, demand empathy and affective responsibility. If you don’t know what this is, don’t marry!

I always dreamed of getting married, dressing in white, joining the love of my life … despite knowing that there is no famous “happily ever after”, next to my beloved I feel fulfilled. >

Marriage is not the union of two perfect people, who were born to each other, but the union of two people who understand each other, who accept each other, and who only for love want to be always better for each other. /P>

The secret to good marriage is to understand each other’s needs and know how to respect them. Love is delivery!

Marriage must incessantly combat a monster that devours everything: the habit.

Complete my joy, having the same way of thinking, the same love, one spirit and one attitude.

Marrying is born again, with a new soul, generated by love.

Life next to those who love is light and smooth, regardless of any difficulty or conflict. Marriage is a natural consequence of those who want to revive this grace all these days.

Individuality is fundamental, but it is necessary to have harmony to build a good relationship, tune in the same pace, to see the goals … that is the secret of marriage.

There is no perfect relationship, differences exist to complete, not to separate.

Almost perfect marriage is the union of two freedoms. Happy couples who, in pain, think more about the other than in themselves.

Committing to someone else is serious. It is learning to give voice to someone else, to renounce some things when necessary, to care about each other and be available to water the garden of love daily.

I don’t live a perfect marriage, I live a sincere relationship, full of love, delivery, conflicts, joys and respect.

There is nothing in this world like the love of married women, only the couples themselves do not know that.

Marriage is reciprocal respect: reciprocal respect for those who coincide in such will.

To marry is not to accommodate. Only accommodates who let love die, and love only dies if it is not watched.

Love lives in time because it leaves tracks. Passion forgets, and love doesn’t even bury it ends.

Early weddings, late reflexes.

Love is more beautiful for its imperfections and history to overcome them.

Love does not consist of looking at each other, but forward, together, in the same direction.

Happiness in a marriage is in the valorization of love. The more care, the more joys they bloom. Otherwise, the relationship becomes infertile soil.

Marriage is the most valuable bet of the life of a human being whose prize promises eternal happiness.

The best friend will probably also have the best wife; because the good couple rests on the good talent of friendship.

No marriage survives the discouragement of the soul.

rational or irrational, no matter what love is as long as it remains lit in marriage.

Love is what we make of it, and marriage is the result of it. Create your relationship in your own way. The only rules are: having respect and being happy.

Marriage is the miracle that turns a kiss for pleasure into responsibility.

Mutual trust is a link that strengthens the relationship. When jealousy leads to the fight is the love that receives the first blow!

A wedding does not last the time of our day. A marriage, the result of true feeling, does not know what is time, has the essence of eternity … lasts beyond life!

For where love is, there will also be our hearts.

Life for two will always have its imperfections and conflicts, and it is the way the couple react to them that determines the success of marriage.

The happy couple who recognizes themselves in love challenges the universe and time; it is sufficient, the absolute.

When problems arise, when love cools and difficulties give the guys, rewind the tape and remember the beginning. Everyday life makes us forget the good times, but when we open the love box, everything dissolves.

More than love, it takes companionship and respect within a relationship. Be convinced of this and will have a healthy and lasting wedding.

Marriage is the most important step of love and perhaps because of this importance there are difficult times among the couple, but one thing is certain: love always wins. Speaking of love, how about checking out these beautiful quotes for wedding votes that overflow genuine love?

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