40 messages of peace in the soul to live lighter

Peace is able to transform our lives and heal the wounds of the soul. Seeking it must be a goal so that the bitterness of living does not make us give up. To help you have days with more lightness and harmony, we made a selection of quotes of peace in the soul. Check it out and share with the dear people!

Quotations of peace in the soul for a life with more harmony

I want peace in the soul, lightness in mind and much love in the heart.

I want to lead a quiet life, with great joy, good humor and peace in the soul.

Nothing is more valuable than living with peace reigning in our hearts and our soul.

You don’t need many riches if you have a soul that overflows peace and love.

Peace in the soul and a quiet mind: it is all I need to live happily!

If you do good and live in the principles of love, you will remain with your soul in peace forever.

Peace purifies our soul and makes us better people!

Never let the negativity of bad people take the peace you carry in your soul!

Who has peace in the soul knows how to see happiness in the small details.

Peace calms the soul!

Live a life with more peace, with more soul, with more love and harmony.

Who has peace in the soul lives their days with lightness and waste no time taking care of the lives of others.

If there is no love in your heart, your soul will never have peace.

Do not let the grudge and anguish make you give up seeking peace for your soul.

Peace, I want peace!

Having peace in the soul is the certainty of a full and happy life.

For days full of peace in heart and calm in the soul!

If you do good and are guided by love throughout your life, your soul will rest in peace.

The soul does not need money or goods, the soul needs peace!

We seek all life what death brings us faster: peace.

protect your peace, your heart and your soul. You deserve to be happy always!

I want the peace and tranquility of a free soul!

Open your heart and cultivate peace in your soul.

If your interior is at peace, the rest does so much.

It’s just peace and love that we need to build life.

Do not forget to coat your soul of peace and light. This will give you strength to continue on the walk.

Peace is not a white flag, it is a clean soul.

Feed your soul of peace and love!

Peace is the feeling you have after letting God take care of you.

I want peace. I want tranquility. I want everything that does me really good.

Peace in the soul for every day!

Soul wounds are healed with affection, attention and peace.

Peace begins with a smile that comes from the inside out, because the soul is quiet!

Follow in peace, raise the soul.

light soul and grateful heart. I follow in peace.

Who gives your forgiveness, conquers peace to your heart and rest for your soul.

Peace in the soul, love in heart, gratitude for life and faith in the walk.

Leaving the soul alone must be a goal,

inspire peace and be the balance of your soul!

inner peace is the happiness of the soul.

For peace to dominate your heart and soul, you must have a lot of calm and tranquility during the walk. We made a selection of calm quotes that will help you take a deep breath and follow in the best way. Be sure to check it out!

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