40 messages of maturity for those who grew up with the mistakes of the past

Everyone, at some stage of life, reflecting on the attitudes of the past, has thought “I don’t believe I acted like that.” This shows us that we mature during this time and that we are no longer as before, we have completely different thoughts and attitudes.

These changes happen naturally as we grow and are very important to realize that we learn from our mistakes and we will not repeat them.

To make you think about all the changes that have happened in your life and made you a better person, we have prepared a list of maturity quotes. You will see that they were all essential for you to become the person who is today!

Maturity Quotes for Status

Sharing a maturity message in the status of your social networks can serve to show your friends how much you have changed. Or, to send an indirect to someone who is having children’s attitudes and needs to improve. See our selection with maturity quotes for status.

Maturity is not about how much you lived, but how much you have learned.

Changing and growing are painful and difficult processes, but worse is to stand still in time and space.

A mature person knows the value of silence, the immature will always try to have the last word.

Maturity is living in peace with what cannot be changed.

Maturity is to have humility to admit mistakes, know how to ask forgiveness and forgive!

Maturity does not depend on age, but how you act, how you think.

Maturity is to be silent when the other expects you to scream.

Age comes to everyone, but maturity, unfortunately not …

Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and starts making changes.

Maturity is knowing when to leave in silence and never look back.

Maturity: Learning to get away from people and situations that affect your peace and self -esteem.

Maturity and character citations

The way you treat people and deal with your problems define your character. As we grew up, we mature and realize that we need to improve in some ways. Next you will find quotations of maturity and character to reflect on your actions.

Age does not define maturity, appearance does not define character.

Forgiving is an act of maturity and character, but most of the time not everyone has.

Being faithful is not a matter of choice, it is a matter of character and maturity.

Difficulties come to mature our soul and our character.

More sincerity, less lame excuses. More character, less indirect. More maturity, less mimimi.

They taught me that talking about full mouth is a lack of education, but I learned alone that talking about an empty heart is lack of character.

The important thing in us is our maturity and our character.

Its character is not shaped by its determination to achieve victory, but by its behavior when it arrives and especially when it does not happen.

Female Maturity Quotes

Mature women have an indescribable force within themselves, they act according to what they believe and impress many people. We have selected several female maturity quotes for you, woman, show that you know what you are talking about!

She is a mature woman, but never lets the girl she once was.

A mature woman does not cause, is already provocative. Don’t rush, wait for the right moment. Do not think of quantity, prefers quality. Because you know what you want, how you want and when you want!

I am a mature woman who is sometimes taking stock. I am an insecure child who sometimes uses high heels. I am a rocking woman, I am a child who undergoes.

Mature woman does not fear challenges and commands her own destination!

There are things in my body that are no longer the same way, but that’s fine. Being a mature woman is so interesting … gives you a power!

The mature woman is wise in every detail. She keeps her most hidden desires in the heart and reveals only to him who undressing her soul.

Mature Woman prefers to be single and chooses to be happy instead of trusting her heart to the wrong person.

Wherever I walked, where I went through and what I lived, they made me a mature woman today. Today I am no longer fragile, on the contrary, I am so strong that I am proud to speak, I grew up.

Women think they are more mature than men, who dictate the rules of a home, who have the power of the situation and represent the evolution of the human species. I’m sure!

Mature woman does not give up, loses interest!

Spiritual Maturity Quotes

Just as we go through personal evolutions during life, we also mature our spiritual side. Therefore, we have selected citations of spiritual maturity for you to observe if your attitudes match your faith. Reflect and share!

The maturity of the true Christian is knowing how to look at himself.

Spiritual Maturity is when you pray, ask for those who need it, asks for those who get soul ill, asks everyone to receive light.

Spiritual maturity is to exchange intensity for constancy, appearance for essence, body for soul, grudge for love!

Spiritual Maturity is when you learn to silence, to move away and thank you for what you have.

Christian maturity consists of doing what is right, even when no one else is looking.

Our spiritual maturity grows proportionately with the evidence we face and overcome.

The consequence of obedience to God is spiritual maturity.

Spiritual Maturity is when you accept you make a mistake, learn to apologize and not to throw on the lap of the other what is yours.

Spiritual maturity comes when you accept your own condition, whatever it may be, knowing the purposes of God.

You gain spiritual maturity when you stop attaching happiness in material things!

The best way to realize that we are maturing, is when we notice changes in our actions and thoughts. We have selected our list with change quotes that will show you how to change is transformer!

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