40 messages of hypocrisy to identify those who talk a lot and do little

A hypocritical person usually talks about something he does not practice, pointing to others a mistake he has herself, being false while claiming to be sincere. To help you ward off people from your life is that we list to follow citations of hypocrisy. Read our selection and understand the need not to let bad examples contaminate your life!

Citations of hypocrisy to send that indirect

We live in a world of lies, false feelings, forced attitudes and hypocrisy.

It’s so much hypocrisy, so many empty people, so much useless subject, that I have been lazy to meet people.

hypocrisy: art of demanding from others what is not practiced.

I’m of a few good friends, because I was never a good collector of hypocrites.

It is better to be rejected because it is sincere than being accepted being hypocritical.

In the midst of so much falsehood and hypocrisy today, who is who to talk about someone?

hypocrisy is to talk about love without preparation for that.

Set up an altruistic and see a hypocrite bleeding.

Hypocrite Humanity, people on the mud that point to someone’s dirty feet.

The falsehood and hypocrisy of people get sick.

For weight, there is the regime. For poverty, there is work. But for the lack of character and hypocrisy, there is no technology that solves.

Don’t get used to hypocrisy!

The greatest hypocrisy of people is that they believe they are not hypocritical.

I believe that it is wrong who speaks correct and does not live what he says.

People are hypocritical. They say they want the truth, but they constantly live in the lie because they are afraid to show their real wills.

It is not life that separates people. It is evil, hypocrisy, betrayal, selfishness and lack of respect.

Everyone says the world is hypocritical, but few take some attitude to change this reality.

Being hypocritical means concealing, disguising, representing. We are all hypocritical, at least when disguising our feelings before those we love!

Be mature, not hypocritical.

Do not call the hypocrisy of others, because each will reap exactly what it has planted.

In the kingdom of hypocrisy, sincerity is the great misunderstanding.

I really liked your moralism, pity I know you.

I prefer to be accurately sincere than being more a hypocritical in this world.

hypocrisy is fashionable! Good thing I don’t follow trends.

More empathy. Less hypocrisy.

Do what you say, share what you believe, but think if what you say and what you share match you.

hypocrisy is a bubble.

and when everyone was hypocritical, he dare to be authentic.

Usually those who point the finger at the mistake of others are wanting to focus on their own errors.

It is better to deal with honest and acidic people than dear and hypocritical.

hypocrisy: words in pounds and actions in grams.

The Way of Honesty will never mix with that of hypocrisy.

hypocritical is to talk about falsehood and be more false than three reais.

How funny, all your words sound me like hypocrisy.

I had not yet learned how contradictory human nature is; I didn’t know how hypocrisy there is in sincere people.

We are so familiar with hypocrisy that someone’s sincerity seems to us to sarcasm.

want me to do differently, but simply do not follow their advice.

Talking or writing about what is not lived or practiced is one of the most common manifestations of hypocrisy.

Do not let the hypocrisy do home in your heart!

hypocrisy is the tribute that addiction pays to virtue.

falsehood and hypocrisy go hand in hand. So also check out our quotes for fake people and show how much you abhor who acts this way!

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