40 messages of help from God to not give up and achieve victory

We have many flaws, fears, doubts and fears. Still, God looks at us beyond all this and offers his hand. It strengthens us, helps us, and shows us the right direction below. To do this, we need to ask for your support and give ourselves to Him. We select quotes of God’s help that cry out for the divine force. Check it out!

God’s help quotes to depend on your power and your act

God is always ready to help you and welcome you. Ask and he will hear your cry and take care of you.

The right help comes from God and it manifests itself when we need it most.

When we need God’s help, we must cry out in prayer. Jesus intercedes for us and fulfills our requests.

God never deny helps a child who asks with the heart.

Talk to God, He hears you and helps you lighten your thoughts to make the best decision.

Even in times of calm, God’s help is always welcome because it is always good to have it by our side.

My God, I need you so much, your support, your care, and your peace. Alone I can’t do it anymore. Strengthen me, Lord!

sir, I surrender at your feet. I confess that I am nothing without you and I need your help!

Cry with your heart and God will hear you. Be honest when asking him to fulfill his will in your life!

O Father, show me which way is the right to go, lead my steps to the life you chose for me!

below the grace of God, we find shelter against the storm.

My refuge comes from God who is the most powerful in the world. Thank you, Lord, for your care and protection.

God is our strength and our fortress. He fights the battles for us and strengthens us to overcome our difficulties!

I am never alone, God is always with me. He takes care of me, offers me protection and gives me deliverance of things I don’t even see.

It is God’s help that makes us come out of the hole of sin and live the full happiness He has prepared us.

Delivered into God’s hands all your fears and what makes you anxious. He takes care of us all the time and relieves our weight.

Ask God with all your heart and with all your faith. He does not deny help a child who is prostrate in his presence.

My God, I need you. Extend your hand, help me and open the right doors in my life. I can no longer follow alone!

He is the strong and powerful God. He is the lord of lords. He goes forward of his own, opens ways and never leaves us helpless.

Lord, by your side, this is where I want to be. Help me get up and walk with you!

God, help me realize my dreams. Strengthen me so that the difficulties do not take me out of my goal.

My God, please help me. I don’t know what else to do, I don’t know how to live and I know that only the Lord can and help.

If it is God’s will, He will help you. If not, it will show you something even better.

I have faith in your name and act. I’m sure God will help me overcome my battles.

Father, clarifies my mind, bring peace to my thoughts and help me to see what I need to do to get out of this situation!

Lord, take from my thoughts any doubt about your action and your power!

I don’t want to have anything in my life that takes me away from you. It helps me take my way away from your grace, my God!

I can no longer fight without you, my God. Help me, show me the direction, strengthen me and teach me what I need to do and where I should go.

The Lord rescued me from sin, gave me a new life, showed me the right direction to continue. Keep helping me to live under your grace, my God!

I’m so weak, my God. I ask you to help me deal with my weaknesses and not let them keep me from living your dreams to my life.

May God’s will be done at any moment because He knows what is best for us. Amen!

I need your help, my God, to increase my faith and trust all that the Lord has prepared for me!

Lancem upon him all his anxiety, because he is careful from you.

No burden is greater than we can carry. God knows our strength and helps us face our challenges with His power.

For I am the Lord, your God, who holds you by the right hand and says to you, NO THEM; I will help you.

I only ask God that the plot of words arouse our lines and help us write poems that arouse response to those who do not know how to answer. I only ask God that the drama of the altars will rehibits in the eyes and come to us to eternalize and make dreams generate in those who no longer know how to dream …

I want to continue, I don’t want to give up, I want to be strong, but without the Lord, I can’t. Help me to win, my God!

pray, wait and don’t worry. God is merciful and will hear your prayer!

Give God and do not fear, because if He puts you in the fight, you will certainly not leave you alone to pate.

Without your help, I am nothing. Without your power, I am nothing. Extend your hand and take me by the right direction, my God!

And when he helps you, be sure to thank you for your support. Check out our quotes of thanks to God and income thanks to the one that is powerful to do more!

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