40 messages of calm to let peace take care of you

Have you noticed how stressed you for things that should not wear out so much? Keep calm need to be a daily exercise to always be well with yourself.

See our selection of calm quotes that will make you value your well -being more and give up unnecessary concerns. Check it out and get inspired!

Quotations of calm and patience

We know how difficult it is to keep calm and patience when we go through a moment of turbulence in our lives. To help you control your emotions, we select quotes of calm and patience that will change your way of acting!

Be patient! Sometimes you need to go through the worst to get the best.

With calm and patience suddenly everything happens.

Calm and Patience are virtues of a winner!

calm! Difficult days also come to an end.

Being able to maintain patience and calm, even when there is chaos around us, allows the light of the Lord to enter and help us.

have calm, patience and faith. All that happens in this life is to improve our soul.

Calm, the world is still going back to give.

calmly, the result of your fight will be overcoming and victory.

Patience and calm give more result than strength and anger.

calm, love always wins, be patient.

Quotations of calm and tranquility

The tranquility you look for so much depends only on you and how you choose to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life. See our selection of quotes of calm and tranquility that will show you how to have a serene life.

I want calm in my soul to be able to live.

Be calm! Not everything deserves so much importance.

Leading life calmly I found my balance to live in peace.

calm. It is little by little that life is working.

When life asks for calm, slow down. Life is also done on days of calm.

calm, if it is to be, sooner or later it will be.

I want peace in the soul, quiet in mind and calm in the heart.

It is with tranquility in the look and calm in the heart that we can see the preciousness of life.

Be calm, there are already too many people being a storm.

Take calm when living, feeling, loving!

Quotations of calm and wisdom

Wise people are calm as a virtue and do not allow small problems to take their inner peace. Check out our list of calm and wisdom quotes and know the best way to follow.

Even when everything asks for a little more calm. Even when the body asks a little more soul. Life does not stop.

There is no place for wisdom where there is no patience.

Life taught me that calm clarifies any question and transforms any problem into solution.

very calm in this soul!

I’m going through life smiling and calmly, because the hurry never brought me anything good.

calmly everything is organized, everything is, including ourselves.

Keeping calm is a sign of courage and wisdom.

Wisdom comes from the ability to keep calm and inner silence.

Take it easy, because if today is dark maybe it is for tomorrow to see the light better.

Take it easy with the problems you can’t control.

Calm Quotes of God

When you need to hide from someone to seek peace and calm, always remember that you are with you at these times. We have selected God’s calm quotes for you to surrender and trust him.

God is only the calm for the hearts at war.

Be calm! God will surprise you.

calm, everything that is happening is under God’s gaze.

calm! God knows how far you can handle.

God knows everything that goes on with you. Take it easy, it will help you.

Take it easy, God has a better plan than our ever.

Just be calm and maintain faith. God is taking care of everything.

calm! You do not see, but God is acting and will operate a miracle in your life.

Stay calm, if it was God who promised, the promise is standing.

Take it easy, for by your side there is a God who can all things.

You only understand the true meaning of calm when you find your inner peace. We have selected a list of inner peace quotes to inspire you to lead a light and quiet life.

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