40 messages of affection and affection to make your heart warm

A tight hug, a kiss from someone special or even an unexpected message in the afternoon, can change someone’s day. Nothing better than feeling loved!

We have selected 40 beautiful quotes of affection and affection for you to share with loved ones. Do their day even happier!

Quotes of affection and affection that are like a bear hug

What matters in this life are true affections and caresses.

The only durable, unchanging and priceless goods are the affection and solidarity they feel for dear people.

Feel affection, like, adore and love! But, I never need someone to be happy, besides yourself.

Let us always feel the incredible effects of affection.

that affection heals our soul. May the affection remain. May the kindness prevail. May the good things multiply.

But I want you to know that when I imagine myself happy, it is with you.

For you, I will always be an eternal source of affection.

Do not leave for tomorrow to be careful with those you love. Say “I love you” today! Life is brief.

You may not be physically by my side, but you will be forever in my heart with love.

I like the taste to like you!

Value the little moments, because one day will be great memories.

Kisses, hugs and words of comfort everyone can give. But that affection directly in the heart, only you can deliver me!

Sometimes all we need is a tight and affectionate hug.

Love, affection and affection. This reciprocity of feelings that make my heart smile.

I think of you and wish your warmth, your tenderness, your affection so full of affection.

Nothing replaces affection.

affection: synonym for care, affection, love, appreciation, friendship, attention.

Sometimes we just need someone who listens to us, who does not judge us, who does not underestimate us, who does not analyze us. Just listen to us.

I think of you and wish your warmth, your tenderness, your affection so full of affection.

love, passion, affection, friendship, complicity, affection, loyalty, faithfulness, respect… I found it all in one person, you!

I want to fill your heart with affection, kisses and attention so that you never forget that my love has one name: yours.

Your affection took my chest. Today without you I can no longer be the same way.

If with every crooked look the world would gain affection, there would be no people without affection. The world would be better.

Life is too short for us not to say what you really feel.

Small affectionate attitudes transform the day.

Love is an amazing desire to stay together, share life and take care of the other.

May we plant the seed of love in our hearts and water daily with a dose of affection.

In the hug we deliver how much you love. There is no way to hide.

You have a place in my heart that no one else could have.

affection is the most powerful medicine, taught without dosage and without side effect.

My favorite place is inside your hug.

Offer a affection, cause a smile and improve the day of each person who goes through your life.

To escape the thorns of this misleading world, I think of your affection and dream of your love.

May the sourness of others do not prevent you from spreading sweetness around!

It is with affection that every day I look at your eyes and I confess my love for you.

Mix a lot of affection, love, passion, joy and live very well!

affection is to touch the world of the other.

I need you, your affection and to relive moments we spent together.

You represent the goodness and affection the world has to offer. I love you!

I need so much of your affection.

Did you feel the affection? Now just run and share with loved ones! And if you want even more special messages for your love, see 50 affectionate quotes for boyfriend to feel loved.

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