40 messages from words hurt for those who don’t want to hurt anyone

Through words we can express our feelings, thoughts and opinions. However, we must keep in mind that they should be used with caution so that they do not cause hurt. If you worry about the consequences of your actions, check out our quotes from The Words hurt and learn how to use them just to help, cure and improve other people’s lives!

Quotations of the words hurt to think before you speak

certain words hurt so much that we never forget them …

A bad word said usually hurts more than a slap in the face.

Words cut more than knives. They do not pierce the skin, rip the soul.

People who speak without thinking hurt without knowing.

Be careful what you say, because words also cut your heart.

A few words hurt, I know, but to get maturity it is necessary to feel certain pains.

Words hurt and heal at the same time. So think very well before using them!

Never use your words to hurt, it’s horrible to see something so powerful being used cruelly!

Words hurt, but apparently no one cares about it.

Honey, if you knew how words hurt, maybe it was less destructive with those who just want you well.

It can be cool in the same proportion that hurts you and, love, words that hurt never done good.

Before you speak, put yourself in the place of those who hear. Words hurt!

There are words that hurt more than attitudes.

About the words: they hurt, but also save.

Words may hurt, but it is up to you to determine how far they can reach you.

I only know how much it hurt to have read that.

The words hurt, the lack of them too.

bad words in the past become nightmares present in our lives.

Words are like stones, when thrown hard, hurt!

Words can do such a big damage that they hurt even the soul.

Sometimes some people should be very quiet, words hurt, and a lot.

No word hurts as much as not chosen, as that one of the mouth out …

Since childhood I learned that words hurt.

Words sometimes hurt more than nettle burn.

The scars of a word chosen unhappy can be eternal …

The words themselves do not hurt, but where they come from.

I learned the worst way that words hurt.

Do not let words said in order to hurt you are able to hurt you. Be strong and ignore them!

If you knew how much the words hurt, they would think ten times before you say anything.

Unpreamed feelings and words not said are the ones that hurt the most.

Always think before you talk, you don’t know how much a person still can hear!

The words that hurt the most always come from those we love the most.

I am fragile enough for a word to hurt me, as I am strong enough for a word to be resurrected.

When we think of what we say, we don’t hurt anyone.

If you hurt me, all right dear. Only the words bleed.

Words hurt more deeply than firearms.

The wrong word is like a spear in anyone’s heart.

Before an embarrassing silence than words that hurt.

Words are amazing but also dangerous. So use them with caution!

If you knew the pain a word causes, you might not talk so much …

It is very important to express your feelings. So find in our selection of hurt quotes a way to vent and move on! Your heart will be much lighter after that.

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