40 messages from time flies to reflect on the speed of life

Life passes too fast and time does not wait for anyone. Everyone knows that, but in the midst of routines running, they are swallowed and end up not taking advantage of the stages they live. To change this in your days, check out the best quotes of time flies. Start now to appreciate and enjoy every moment!

Time Quotes Flies and teach you how to take advantage of each phase

Time passes quickly and does not come back. Therefore, focus your strength to enjoy the now because it is unique.

Time flies and if you have wings opening your arms to opportunities, you will be able to accompany you.

The speed with which time flies is you who control. Understand your limits, adjust your perception to be able to accompany you.

Make now the right time to live. It goes by fast and you deserve to enjoy it.

Do not waste your time complaining or brooding things from the past. Life goes too fast not to live it.

Time goes by and who is not aware or realizes that it takes away dreams and opportunities that no longer come back.

Time will pass and will take with him all the opportunities you did not want to take.

All phases of life are important. Do not think about the next while still lives the current one. Time flies and everything changes too fast.

You can’t rewind your life and relive the time you have lost. Enjoy the now because everything goes too fast.

To enjoy time is to learn to live because it flies and teaches us how to create our wings.

Time flies and brings cure faster than we imagine.

When you realize, it can be too late. Time flies and gives no room for those who are inattentive.

Time flies, but who controls the direction to where you go, is you.

If you don’t want to reach the end of your life and realize that you don’t live it, learn to fly at the same speed as time.

Time flies, but also slows down at special times. Everything is a matter of perspective.

Stop to observe the passage of time. It flies and propels you to grow and evolve.

If the weather is going too fast, step on the brake and slow down. You are the one who leads your life.

When you love, time flies, because passionate hearts enjoy life so much that they don’t even see it.

Don’t wait for time to fly to wake up and realize that you let life pass.

Yesterday, things were so different. Time flies and brings an avalanche of change to life.

Time flies and we don’t even notice. What we can do is live to the fullest to at least enjoy the time we have.

grab the time you have with intensity and, even if it fly, you will be able to enjoy it.

Time does not stop and it is so short. Why waste time on what doesn’t do you good?

The phase you are now was your dream one day. So, enjoy it before time fell and take it away.

Time does not wait for us. He flies and those who do not live in his pace, lose great things in life.

One of the great disadvantages of hurry is the time it makes us lose.

Today time flies, love. Drips by the hands.

Time is all we have, but he is fast. You need to learn to run along with him and not after him.

Without you, time flies. Without you, I waste time.

See how time flies, it takes time to terrify.

Be sure to live tomorrow. Time flies and doesn’t come back. Live today because being happy is urgent.

Time is not concerned with performing our hopes: do your job and flies.

Time brings. Time takes away. Time is missing. Time prevails. The time flies. Time does not pass. Time is favor or against. According to the time.

Life is a breath and time goes by too fast. Say you love today, realize your dreams now.

Time flies and, when you see, it has gone.

Time flies and who doesn’t fly with it is late.

Do not wait for time to pass you to realize that I would like to have followed your rhythm.

Time passes too quickly and life is so short. So – so that I are not swallowed by the voracity of the hours and the news that make time go quickly – I cultivate a certain boredom. Tasting each detestable minute.

Time is your capital, you have to know how to use it. Waste time is spoiling life

My mind is from the present because I know that time flies and I don’t want to stop living anything that fits me.

While time goes by, writing your story and enjoying every second of it. To inspire you to enjoy everything in your own way, check out quotes to live the life and exit the autopilot.

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