40 messages from granddaughter to grandmother that will bring back memories of you together

Having the opportunity to live with her grandmother all her life is a luck without size! She will always be your advocate, your counselor and your best friend. And when you are with her will never miss affection and many pampering.

Certainly your old lady plays an essential role in your life and the moments that lived together are kept with love in your heart. We have selected grandmother quotes to express everything it represents for you and make it smiling. Check it out and share!

Neta quotes for grandmother owl

Only those who have an owl grandmother know the privilege of receiving affection all the time and having someone who does everything to please you in any situation. We select granddaughter quotes for grandmother owl for you to share your love for your old lady!

grandma, I just want you to feel my love just like I feel yours. I love you so much!

Dear Grandma, you are an angel that God sent to walk beside me. I feel your love in every gesture.

grandma, I keep in my heart all the love you have already given and still gives me. I love you!

I breathe love when I’m on your side. You are amazing, grandma!

With my grandmother I learned that almost everything can heal with sweet and sincere affection.

My grandmother mastered me so much that today I taste the honey when I hear your name.

Grandma’s Love is full of affection and dedication!

I had given all the places of the world like your affectionate lap!

With delicacy in words and tenderness in the look you are the wisdom of the world, grandma!


To live with your grandmother is to be in constant learning from your life lessons and have a hug always available to be your refuge. See our list of granddaughter’s gratitude quotes to grandmother and tell her that her life would not be the same without her on her side!

grandma, you are a person I admire and love so much. Thank you for everything you do for me!

My grandmother is the most important person of my life. Not only helped to create me, but has transformed me into the person I am. Thank you, grandma!

If I could, it would give you a few years of my life just to have more of your lap, attention and affection. Thank you for everything, grandma!

grandma, you are my greatest reference. Thank you for teaching me so much!

You are the link that connects our whole family in a strong bond of love and affection. Thank you immensely for being our mirror!

That I can hold your hands for many decades of my story, as you are one of the best chapters of it. I love you grandmother. Thank you for everything!

Grandma, thank you for being an example below. I am very proud to be your granddaughter.

grandma, I want to thank you for the wise words that you are so hard to pass to the people you love.

You have been twice my mother and that day, have given me so much love and affection and is by my side for whatever comes and comes. Thank you, grandma, for everything you have done for me.

Grandma, thanks for always offering me your lap when things are difficult. I love you!

Funny granddaughter quotes for grandmother

If there is one thing we have learned since childhood, it is that in Grandma’s house it can everything! As we know it was there that you lived the best stories and ready the biggest messes we selected funny granddaughter quotes for grandmother to remember a little of your childhood! Check it out:

grandmother is mother’s heart with a large spoonful of dulce de leche.

When nothing works and everything seems lost, it calls Grandma that she solves!

grandma is like this. It has a tough face, tough way, you make a tough one, but it’s completely in love with me.

I wish you health and peace, because joy you already have to spare, grandma!

grandma, if you think you can buy me with food, know that I love drumstick!

At Grandma’s house there are advice for any time, remedy for everything and everyone, compromising photos and a thousand ways to please.

There is no place in the world better than our home. Except for Grandma’s house!

Mom said no, Dad said no … Okay, I’ll ask Grandma!

Grandma dear, every time I come to have lunch at your house I’ll be back to mine with 5 pounds more.


Even if we know that our grandparents will have to leave, we will never be prepared to say goodbye to our references. See, then, grandmother quotes for grandmother who died to cherish a heart full of longing!

Not all the stars in the world shine like my grandmother. I miss you!

I will never forget every time your wrinkled hands held mine. You were my fortress!

Since your eyes have closed forever, it lives in me eternal longing. Goodbye, grandma!

I miss the patience, stories, wisdom and love of my grandmother!

Every farewell is sad, but none hurt as much as we know there is no return. I miss you, grandma!

My grandmother left, but with me left a world of precious memories!

My grandmother is no longer here, but I know she’s looking at me from above!

I miss you when I remember that hair looking like cotton candy of such white. Oh I miss you, grandma!

Your heart has stopped and mine will forever hit longing. Go with God and rest in peace!

There in heaven there is someone I love forever. I miss you, Grandma!

The sky has won a beautiful angel that our family will forever remember with sadness and longing. Go in peace, grandma!

grandma, you were the strongest woman I ever met. Look at me! I love you!

All the wise words your grandmother told you during your childhood have turned you into the person you are today. See another list we have selected from quotations to grandmother and thank her for her teachings!

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