40 messages from godfather to godson that will move him

Being godfather is wonderful and a true gift of love, as is a mission of great responsibility and constant learning in which one should always be present in the life of your godson.

Therefore, we select beautiful goddaughter quotes to help you show all the love, affection and pride for this son of heart!

Godfather quotes for godson capable of showing all your love

my godson, I always promise to be by your side, respect and love it all my life.

Being godfather of the most inspiring, determined and charming godson in the world is a great privilege. You are simply sensational!

I love my godson as if it were my son, because inside my heart is what he is.

had nothing prepared for the joy and pride of being your godfather. You are very special for me!

The responsibility of being sponsor is nothing compared to the pleasure and happiness of being part of your life.

Being your godfather is a gift! I always promise to be by your side and give you love unconditionally.

When I hold your hand my heart is filled with joy. How good it is to be your godfather!

could have a thousand children and yet I would not love someone more than I love you. My godson, always be happy!

I love like a child, I protect like mine and I’m here for everything you need, dear godson!

You are my godson, but for me it is like a child. I’m the happiest godfather in the world!

My godson, never lose this smile you have, because it is able to illuminate the whole world.

To have a godson is always to be thanking you for having such a special person in my life.

Being the best man of an angel like you are a privilege. I am very proud!

My godson is mine everything: it is my almost son and, above all, it is my life. Dear, I like you very much!

Success, love and many adventures is what I wish you, godson of my heart.

Cute and perfect godson like my even Google finds.

I can’t find words to thank you for the chance to be godfather and be able to play my role as second father of this godson so amazing!

Although not present at more moments of your life, know that I think of you every day. I love you, my godson.

I hope for your health, success and I only feel peace if you are happy. I adore you, godson!

May your happiness be greater than the world and never less than all the seas on this planet. My godson, I cheer for you!

My heart is happy for your cause and my life is a party because you exist. Godson, I love you!

Being godfather is easy when you have a godson like you!

I want you to know that I feel a huge pride in having a godson like you. You are the son I could not have and the love that my heart does not hesitate to feel.

When your parents chose me to be your godfather was the happiest day of my life. I love you, godson.

my godson, my life, my love for you only increases every day.

My godson fills my heart with love and joy as if it were my own son.

I feel very fortunate, because I was chosen to be the best godson in the world.

Dear goddaughter, when you smile, the whole world illuminates!

I am very proud and lucky to be the best man of a boy as special as my godson.

Dear goddaughter, when I first took you in my arms, that’s when I knew the true meaning of happiness.

The love I feel for you is light, powerful and the most beautiful in the world. For you would do anything, godson!

I feel for you a love that I don’t even know how to quantify or explain. It is a gigantic and immeasurable love, it is the certainty that I will always be by your side, my dear godson.

When I first saw you, I felt my heart be taken by inexplicable tenderness. I feel an endless affection for you, my dear godson, and I know very well that this is for a lifetime!

May my godson’s life be always illuminated by love, affection and joy.

Enjoy life without fears or prejudice, my godson. I hope for your success!

Dear godson, may all your dreams come true and never sadness invades your heart.

My love for my godson is the size of the world!

I like to see you well and with a heart full of joy. I adore you, godson.

I will be present at all times in your life, godson, after all, a real godfather is one that follows each step closely.

godson is also a son of heart.

Enjoy and also check out our other selection of godson quotes and demonstrate how important it was for you to be chosen to be godfather or godmother of such a wonderful child!

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