40 messages from family and school that show the importance of both

Everyone has the right to study at a school and acquire knowledge, but the school cannot build the future of children alone. It needs the support, presence and participation of families. With that in mind, we have selected reflective family and school quotes that show how important it is to bring them closer. Check it out!

Family and school quotes because they need to walk together

Parents need to participate, encourage and help their children’s school education.

The school conveys content and teaches to think, but it is in the family that we learn about respect, empathy and love.

school and family need to form a partnership that helps our children.

It is sad to realize that there are parents who neglect their children’s education and play in the hands of school the responsibility to teach them about respect.

A happy child is one who sees his parents interested in what she is learning at school.

What the school teaches needs to continue at home. Parents, participate in your children’s tasks.

A child’s education is jointly by family and school. One needs to walk hand in hand with the other.

The family teaches, the school also teaches, but they are different things and each has its role.

When the family joins school, the educational process becomes more solid and ensures the best results.

School and family work together to create citizens who will make a difference in our society.

School Literates, but education to live in society comes from home.

instigates your child to learn more. This does a huge good and help in school learning.

Educating is working, so it must be done together between school and family and all parties should do their best.

is guaranteed success when school and family come together for the same goal.

The family teaches, the school form and the children who become citizens will transform our future.

At home, we learn about respect; At school, we put it in action.

It is much more difficult the educational process when school and family do not go together.

Education is a process done with many hands and passing through various places, such as school and our home.

When the school and the family come together, the child only has to earn.

Be parents who care about the education of their children, who participate, encourage and celebrate every thing learned.

Do not go to school only when called to solve problems. Participate in all stages of your child’s education!

Schools need more participatory parents who care about the future of their children.

Education is a process that needs continuity at home when the child leaves school at the end of the day.

Family participation in school is a giant incentive to knowledge.

When school and family hold hands, they write a much happier future for all children.

Family and school should have the same goals when educating children: teach you how to think!

There are things that are not from the teaching school. It is the duty of families to educate with respect and empathy.

School and family exist to collaborate with the process of child education. The child who counts on the union of the two learns much more!

It is the parents and family that educate, the school only transmits knowledge and information.

School is not a place that you leave your child to work with. It is the space that he learns to be a citizen and you must participate in your formation.

An education that forms worried and critical citizens needs the union of school and family!

Children earn a lot and are dedicated much more when they realize that their parents value what they learn at school.

set the example to your child. Join your education at school!

School is not solely responsible for children’s education. The family also needs to do their part!

Family and school education need to walk together and think only of the welfare of the little ones.

It is not just because your child has grown that you no longer need to participate in your school education. Always be present in his life!

No child is born knowing, she needs family and school to teach her how to live.

family and school life complement each other and need each other.

The school has one role and the family has another, but one complements the other and one strengthens the other.

The family educates, the school teaches and together, form citizens who can change the world.

That this partnership is strengthened for the good of children. And to encourage learning, see our citations about knowledge and understand how it can be transformative.

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