40 messages from crocheters for those who make art with their hands

Crochet is a very popular art here in Brazil. Usually, practiced by grandparents who teach their granddaughters and pass the tradition ahead, it is also a way of support for many people. For sure, you have seen or have a piece in your home. To value this art, we have selected the best citations of crocheteiras. Check it out!

Crocheteiras quotes that talk about the beauty of this art

Far beyond a profession or a hobby, crochet is my passion and what I like to do the most!

Learning to crochet can be difficult, but the more you train, the better you become.

With the lines and needles in hand, I don’t do magic, I make art!

It’s so beautiful to see the house all decorated with pieces that I did myself.

The needle is my mate. I spend hours with her in my hands and I don’t feel alone.

Against the stress of life, I use my hands to crochet.

crochet looks more beautiful when we are accompanied by those who also love this art.

Peace, love, crochet and happiness guaranteed every day of life.

crochet is my therapy that is good for my heart and still leaves the house beautiful.

I learned to crochet to pass time and now is what fills my life.

crochet is a tangle of lines that form love.

I like silence while I’m crochetizing to concentrate and not miss the points.

No crochet piece is equal to another because they all carry a little of those who did it.

If you are going to give me a gift, give me strings so that I can do more crochet.

Just get my needle in hand, I already feel peace entering my heart.

Starting to crochet is training patience, having to break several pieces until you learn not to make mistakes.

Working with hands is therapy for the heart!

I can’t leave home without my survival kit formed by line, needle and scissors. Will make you want to crochet.

The bigger the piece, the more love I put in it.

When I sit with the needle in my hand, I spend hours crochet and I don’t even see the time pass.

While life happens, I crochet and leave the world a more beautiful place.

To make crochet there is no age or gender. Everyone can learn!

Who is discovered in crochet, finds a friend for a lifetime.

My superpower is to make the most beautiful crochet in the world.

May God bless my hands, because I need them to crochet.

crochet is inspiration, love and perspiration.

The crochet that is in me rejoices to see so many people practicing our art.

For a more beautiful world, more crochet scattered around.

In a serious relationship with my lines and needles I just bought.

My work is serious and must be valued. Crochet requires technique, creativity and much love.

I love more crochet than see soap opera, and look that I love soap opera!

my soothing is to sit in the chair and start a new piece.

My biggest gift is to see people smiling as they receive a piece of mine.

crochet is not always good, sometimes it is perfect.

Crochet takes much more than 3 minutes to get ready. Requires time and presence, attention and affection, so it should be valued.

I live in love with crochet and everything I can create with the line and needle.

I’m a crochet, I’m an artist, I’m strong and I’m creative!

Let’s crochet and scare the evils of our life.

It was crochetizing that I found that I am good and I love what I do.

My meditation is guided by the points I give with the needle.

In addition to crochet, there are many other manual work that are amazing. See our craft quotes and be inspired to create beautiful things with your hands.

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