40 messages from a dancer to admire the delicacy of these artists

Being a dancer is much more than repeating a sequence of movements accompanied by a song. To be a dancer is to have focus and discipline to, even in the face of the difficulties encountered, dance with passion, determination and always in search of perfection.

In addition, these artists are true examples of dedication and willpower, because daily they strive to achieve movements that challenge their physical limits and often even gravity.

So we listed the best dancer quotes to enter a little more in the world of these dancers who delight us with all their delicacy and grace.

Ballerina quotes that will make you realize that life is better when you dance

Your dance does not lie what your heart feels.

Being a dancer is not just body, it’s soul. To be a dancer is to infect joy and sweetness in the look. It is dancing as the wind moves the leaves. It is feeling the music and thrill. It’s love and love …

My Our Lady of the dancers, give me elasticity and strength to endure the tips!

All you need is love and a pair of sneakers.

Time makes me, the wind crumbles. The rhythm moves me, the movement runs. It is an adrenaline pulse, it is the pleasure of being a dancer.

The body of the dancer is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.

What some call dance I call life.

Every dancer for life will take your sweet sina of dance.

The life of a dancer is full of challenges and obstacles that cause us pain and suffering. But there is no greater emotion than the glory and pleasure we feel on the day of a show.

Never save: Smiles and Plies.

I went after happiness and came back with a new end sneaker.

What makes you dancer is not your clothes, it is your ballet.

Preserve Planet Earth, he is the only one in which Ballet dance.

I wish today I was the dancer of that music box, who didn’t care about anything around her, just danced with her subtle charm.

I try to work hard strength, composing the whole movement. Flowing energy to the fingertips. Occupying space under all planes and levels. Dancer can not stop.

people who dance are always the best people.

You know happiness when it zero the Grand Écart for the first time.

To be a dancer is to have the willingness every day to do ballet class and improve what may have judged as a good performance the day before.

Each note, every sound, every harmony, you need to have your body vibrating from your hair to the fingertips.

lost whether for us that day when it has not danced once!

dancers are absolutely normal people. They are beings who support cuts and calluses without descending from the plaster and jumping over the blood, magnificent that get used to daily pain and accept it as part of its growth.

This little girl wants to be a dancer. You don’t know either a pity, but you know how to stay at the end of your foot.

The slight steps of a dancer reveal the delicacy of a woman who dances over the wind, and with soft and well -armed gestures unravel the mysteries of a song that not even time dared to reveal.

It is not enough for you to have just technique, if you have no charisma and dance with love, it does not involve anyone in your dance.

dancers and talent dancers are those who seek, besides training their bodies, also train their minds.

It’s not just princesses who wear crowns! Dancers can also use them, because the crown represents a virtue, not a difference.

dancer has to improve everything always.

It is on the day of a show that we realize that all the effort was worth it.

I will dance until my sneaker is over. And when it is over, I buy another!

Blisters and corns on the foot of the ballerina teach me that the art of living is to persevere in learning to fly!

Feel. Just feel the movement and transmit emotion to the public!

Every woman was already a girl … and every girl already wanted to be a dancer.

I dance because it was always part of my life.

Dancers are instruments, like a piano that the choreographer plays.

We are many, many all over the world, we follow dance, love and passion. Limits? Do not exist for us. It’s our soul, it’s our life. I am one of many, I suffer, party, sing, rejuvenate, revive all feelings in just one song… I am a dancer.

With long stretches, the body is an instrument. Ballet needs dedication.

My happiness is priceless, it has rhythm.

Ballet is my life: it is my vocation, which is my passion, and I know it won’t last forever.

and Balloon Female, have you? It’s a dancer. It floats and flies too.

Life is too short to miss the ballet.

Dance is amazing and allows us to express various feelings. So if you are a dance lover, we have a special selection of dance quotes that will not allow you to stand still! Turn on your favorite music and have fun reading these quotes!

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