40 messages for mom and dad that tell them how much you love them

Our parents are the most important people in our lives. They are the ones who teach us everything we know, who give us all the love of the world and help us discover our way in life. Honor them and thank them for everything they did for you. Check out our quotes for father and mother and share your admiration!

Quotes for father and mother who demonstrate the size of their gratitude for them

You are my greatest examples of life, dedication, love and affection. I love you!

Even though they are no longer together, you have always been partners to create me and give me the greatest love in the world. I love you!

My heroes are human who have won the most diverse difficulties to create me. I love you, father and mother.

My parents are the most important people in the world for me. I love you more than anything in this life.

have always shared with me knowledge, tastes, wills, dreams and love. You are amazing!

My warriors and superheroes are of flesh and bone, they are my parents.

You are my heroes. How good it is to have learned from you so much throughout my life.

If I could choose, I would always choose you to be my parents because they are the best.

I am very happy to be a little piece of each of you, father and mother!

You gave me everything I needed to grow healthy and full of opportunities. I will never be able to thank you completely for all this.

My greatest achievement is to have a piece of each in my personality. I love you, father and mother.

It was not easy, but you won. Now I am a man made and I owe everything to my parents. I will be forever grateful!

Father and Mother, you are my inspirations. Your life is honored and I want to be like this in my steps.

The sweetness of honey doesn’t even come close to the sweetness of my parents’ love. How happy I am to have you!

I always want to be close, learn from you, enjoy the company and live the most beautiful moments!

From an early age, I watched the struggles they traced to create. I am grateful for always giving me love and the best they could.

All the moments of joy they provided me are unforgettable. I love you, father and mother.

Your teachings are marked in my heart and will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for everything!

My parents’ only defect is not living forever. I would like to have you by my side all my life.

I learned to be kind, honest, dedicated and strong with my greatest examples: my parents!

I was created to be good because my parents are the very definition of what is good. I thank God for your life!

My family is mine. It is the place where the love and strength I need to live. I love you!

Without you, I would not have arrived where I arrived. Thanks for the ways that opened for me, father and mother.

My foundation to live is my parents. My strength comes from them and their love.

If there was something I learned from my parents was to love. You are the definition of the verb love. I’m grateful for your life.

You always held my hand, guided my steps and taught me to walk alone. Thank you so much for everything!

The most important I always had, the presence of my parents in my life. This made all the difference!

God was very good with me when it gave me you. You are the best and most blessed parents in the world.

You are my examples of faith, struggle, humility and strength. I love you, father and mother.

father and mother, increasingly, I want to be close, enjoy the company and live everything we can together. I love you!

Father and Mother, I feel your love from afar. Thanks for sharing everything they know and what they had with me.

You created me to the world, but I always come home because this is where I feel happy.

Honoring the father and mother is not only respecting them, but also to assist them in their needs; give them the rest in old age; surround them with solicitude, as they did for us in childhood.

I thank my parents for giving me the best and the purest and most sincere love.

But I just want to remember that 10 lives, 11 I would give you.

While there is you on the other side, here on the other I can guide myself.

I don’t know how to live without you and I don’t even want to find out what this life is like. I love you, father and mother. Please be eternal.

Never forget, not a second, that I have the greatest love in the world!

With your quiet and serene help, I learn that love is worth it.

Honor my parents who always struggled to see me happy. Everything I have and I am was thanks to you.

Whenever you have the opportunity, say how much you love and admire your parents. Take the opportunity to see our happy family quotes and praise this environment where love reigns.

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