40 messages for Children’s Day that reveal the immensity of this love

If life is made of moments, throughout life we ​​build a beautiful story with our children. The parental relationship is full of moments, some happy, some sad, but all filled with much affection, affection and support. Wish all the best and celebrate this love with quotes for children’s day.

Quotes for Children’s Day that portray the beauties of having a child

Happy children’s day, my dear! Who would say that my best friend and companion would be blood of my blood?

You have become an extraordinary person, my child. Much better than I ever went. Happy Children’s Day!

Happy children’s day. You prove me every day that love exists, because it pulsates into you!

Taking care and observing you being full of understanding and serenity is one of my greatest life proud. Happy Children’s Day!

Today is the happy children’s day and my heart is all dedicated to you, which is my support and affection.

I may not be your mother of blood, but our hearts are interconnected forever. I love you, happy children’s day!

Happy Children’s Day! The admiration and respect that we have for each other is eternal, just like our love!

We may have had our difficulties throughout life, but none of them erased my love for you. Happy Children’s Day!

You make me hope of a better future. Happy Children’s Day!

I was so afraid of being a father, but everything became easy, because it was you was my son. Happy Children’s Day!

Being your mother is my greatest pride and passion. I am grateful to have you in my life. Happy Children’s Day!

Never forget that I will be by your side regardless of the problem that deduct us. Happy Children’s Day!

The human being that you are awakened in me hope in humanity. Happy Children’s Day!

I will support you unconditionally and the same intensity that I love you, my dear. Happy Children’s Day!

happier than having you as a child, I stay for the grandchildren you gave me. Happy Children’s Day!

Hand in hand, our family remains united and strengthened by love. Happy Children’s Day!

Our love is greater than political divergences. Never forget that. Happy Children’s Day!

daughter, the heavens selected an angel to teach me the true meaning of life. You’re everything to me. Happy Children’s Day!

I’m so blessed, my daughter, everything you play transforms art. Happy Children’s Day, my beloved!

Just as I was there in your first steps, I’ll be here for any new choice you want to take. Happy Children’s Day!

My daughter, I will hold your hand so you don’t fall just as I held when you learned to walk. Happy Children’s Day!

With each passing year, you surprise me differently, because you have a free and beautiful soul. Happy Children’s Day!

See you away from me squeezes my heart but also makes me radiant to see you reaching your dreams! Happy Children’s Day!

Today I see my family conquering the world and emotional to have been able to give the best I could everyone. Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day! The memories we build throughout our lives make me the happiest mother in the world!

Happy Children’s Day! Your sincere smile and your love is what give me motivation every day, my love!

My daughter, I love to see how you can see the beautiful side of things, even when they are so well hidden. Happy Children’s Day!

I remembered you still baby, sleeping in my arms, and missed when life was just me and me. Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day! You arrived and woke up the most beautiful side in me. I love you!

daughter, I really found out how strong is love of love when I had you in my arms. Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day! The happiness of living a life with you is the greatest privilege of being a mother!

I love you, my son. Regardless of the distance and what happens, I will always love you. Happy Children’s Day!

daughter, you are always in my heart. You are the constancy that gives meaning to life. Happy Children’s Day!

No matter how old you are, I will always worry as if you were a baby. I love you, happy children’s day!

My life after you rolled inside out and multiplied in joy. Happy Children’s Day!

Being a mother turned everything I understood about life. You were the light I missed. Happy Children’s Day!

You are the personification of my dream. My son my life. Happy Children’s Day!

Son, your presence comforts me and brings peace to our home. Happy Children’s Day!

You dance inside my belly and celebrate life. You are the gift you have just received. I love you, happy children’s day!

After you arrived, the priorities have changed and my life became much more magical. Happy Children’s Day!

When it comes to declaring love to your children, it’s never too much. With the 50 love quotes for child you will find other amazing texts that show the immensity of this feeling!

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