40 messages for a blessed son because he makes everything more special

Children are gifts from God who illuminate our lives and warm our hearts. It is proof that the Lord sees hope in us and wants to give us more happiness. Allow your boy to know how much he rejoices and how grateful you are to have him. Therefore, we select quotes for blessed son who translate this love. Check it out!

Quotes for blessed child who say how much you love him

My son, you are so blessed and enlightened. It is an angel sent by God to make the world a more beautiful place.

children are divine blessings and you would be no different, my boy. I am grateful to God for all the happiness He gave me when you handed me you.

Son, you fill my life with joy. He is a very blessed boy who can tear smiles from everyone around him.

My son, you are special. So smart, blessed, lively and beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done in my life!

I pray every day for you, son. You are blessed and illuminate my life with your smile. I know God will give you an amazing future!

my son, I am so grateful for your life. You showed us how light and fun can be. You are divine blessing!

My son, my heart is gratitude just to see your face. This is the proof that you are my greatest blessing in this life.

You completed our life, my son, and showed us an infinite and true love. You are too blessed and we love you so much!

My son, I am capable of everything to protect you and provide you with the greatest happiness in the world. Know that you are blessed by God and He will always protect us.

children are blessings and we only prove this joy when we have ours. I love you, my little being of light.

A wonderful light shone in my heart when you were born. Son, you are blessed because it was God who gave me you!

A wonderful light shone in my heart when you were born. Son, you are blessed because it was God who gave me you!

I always asked God to have a child and he blessed me with you. I love you, my little miracle!

Son, you are my favorite star who illuminated my way and guided me to happiness. You are and always will be very blessed!

Life is happier when the heart overflows with love. This is how I feel with you, my blessed son!

The world is a mess, but you have brought meaning to everything. Son, you are blessed and bless my life!

In my dreams, I imagined that life would be happy, but when you arrived, I realized it could be much more. I love you, my blessed son!

my son, blessed, as I am grateful for your life, for living this happiness to see you grow, know and find out where you want to go.

You are my light, my joy, my gratitude and the love of my life. I love you, my blessed son!

I won in the lottery because I have the most blessed son in the world. I love you, my boy!

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in a god who knows what he does and he gave me you, my son, the greatest blessing of my life!

Son, you are so special, so beloved, so blessed. I would not like to live in a world that you did not exist.

My beautiful son, never forget that you will always have a place to come back, that you are blessed and that we love you so much.

Son, I will always be the person who twists the most for you, supports you the most and encourages you. I love you, my blessed boy.

Flies, my bird, fly high because you are protected by God. I love you, son!

Son, you are my angel, my light and my blessing. Everything got different when you were born because you always have the power to transform my life.

I am grateful to God for having a blessed son who is kind to everyone who respects people, is affectionate and always encourages me!

There is no greater happiness than having you with me, my son. You are my blessing, my joy and my peace. I love you!

having a child is a blessing, but you being my son is a much greater blessing. God got it right when he united us, my boy!

My son, I will be your protection, your support, your joy and whatever you need me. You are my biggest blessing!

Son, you are blessed because you are also a child of God. He will always take care of you and guide your steps.

My son, you have brought light and joy to my life. I live to make you happy and thank God for the blessing He gave me when you were born.

You are my greatest blessing, son, and I swore to protect you from everything I could. Whenever you need it, I’ll be here!

Blessed Son, you brought meaning to my life. And I’m sure I would kill and die to see you happy.

Son, I just want you to be happy and keep blessing other people’s lives as you did with mine. I love you!

The best part of having a child is to see him growing, discovering and becoming a beautiful boy and increasingly blessed!

You will grow a lot, my son, but will never cease to be my blessed boy I love with all my heart.

God is good with those who are faithful to him and he was good with me when he gave me the most beautiful and blessed son in the world!

Son, you are not magical, but there is something about you that makes me feel good just to see you. Sure it is blessing and gift of God!

God presented me with a blessed son who whenever he smiles, brings life into my heart.

Always remember your boy how important he is to you. Check out our declaration quotes for son and fill his life with joy!

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