40 messages against envy to remove this pain from your life

Celebrating our achievements is natural, yet we must be careful with the envious that surround us and cheer against our victories. Unfortunately, this feeling dwells many people who show themselves as our friends, but on our back they want everything we have.

Thus, to shield you from this selfish desire, we listed the best quotes against envy!

Quotations against envy and bad look

Do not be achieved by envy and the evil look directed at it. Show that you are superior to them and that nothing will shake you!

The God who keeps me is greater than the bad eyes that surround me!

Be Benze, because your happiness will offend a lot of people!

There will always be the bad look, ill will, envy and other negative facts. But I only ask God to get rid of the wolf in lamb skin.

evil does not hit me, nothing does not shake me.

I don’t like to tell my things to other people, whenever I do it it goes wrong. Bizarre.

That every fat eye, bad! What an envy, shut up! That all negative thinking is not worth it!

ei, don’t you dry me, why envy me? Save yourself, because the saint here is strong!

If envy has light sleep, no problem, because who protects me never sleeps.

Many have tried to knock me down, but envy and bad eyes will be able to make me fall and give up!

Happy is one who sees the happiness of others without envy. The sun is for everyone and the shadow for those who deserve it!

Quotations against envy and falsehood

The worst envy is the one that comes from who we least expect it. From someone who goes through our friend, but inside twists against all our plans. This envy and falsehood are extremely dangerous and deserve a lot of attention!

I learned that I should not expose my plans without first having done them. It is a lot of negativity disguised as a crowd.

There are people on your side cheering against you.

Not everyone around you are cheering for your happiness. Understand this and keep your desires. Your dreams do not need audience. They just need you.

You hope too much for the evil of the other. But where is the other’s defeat the victory for you?

We see the envy stamped in the face of certain people who are often by our side, disguising “friends” and pretending to want our good.

funny how my “friends” know I have no “anything”, but they envy everything I have.

When you have a good news, don’t shouting at the four corners. What generates Ibope is bad news. Good generates envy!

The silence of the envious is better than the applause of the false.

of 10 that squeeze my hand, 8 is falsehood. Envy is type weeds, springs anywhere.

Be careful, envy often disguises a good girl.

Quotes against envy in love

Love is a beautiful and very special feeling, but like all that is good, it attracts a lot of envy. So check out quotes against envy in love that will help you protect your relationship!

When love is strong, not all the envy of the world is able to destroy.

Where there are two happy people, there is always a third of envy.

Love is patient, love is kind. Do not envy, do not boast, do not be proud.

Envy does not shake our love, for it is true.

May all envy become love.

What with words do not say, my eyes reveal. The love that for you I feel, everyone envies!

For lovers there are no risks, difficulties or impossible, and the world is only to envy your love.

Let’s not let the envy of the past disturb our love.

Love kills, especially others of envy.

Envy is the substance of hatred and love is the weapon against the envious.

Quotations against envy for status

Show through your status that you know of the envy that surrounds you, and send that indirect to the envious on duty. Check it out!

Envy is a form of admiration that came out of the wrong way.

When in doubt, spread, propagate, preach, be and delivered love, because of envy and negativity the world is already full.

No one will envy your prayer, your fasting, your sacrifice, your renunciation, your suffering. But they will certainly jealous of their harvest and their success.

Learn to appreciate the other’s victory, but without envying.

Envy is the weapon of the incapable.

No one envies the bad, nobody hates the weak.

and around me, envy makes people hate more.

People are jealous of the talents they do not have.

Happiness begins when you make yourself your greatest good, your smile your best weapon and the envy of others the fuse for your success.

It is wrong to think that wealth and status attract envy. People really envy is the easy smile, their own light, simple and sincere happiness and inner peace.

Now that you have shown that you do not shake with the envy of others, take the opportunity to check out our quotes for repressed and send the envious looks far away!

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