40 messages about roses for those who love this flower that symbolizes love

Roses are popular for their wonderful perfume, their unmistakable beauty and their various meanings, from which love, union and Renaissance stand out.

So check out several quotes on roses that will make you even more enchanted with this beautiful flower. Choose your favorite phrase, share and perfume the life of someone special!

Roses quotes that will perfume your life

It was the time you dedicated to your rose that made it so important.

People are like roses, as beautiful as they are one day they can hurt us, but it is up to us to know their perfumes.

The splendor of the rose and the lily’s whiteness do not steal the small essence of the violet or the daisy of its simple charm. If every small flower wanted to be a rose, the spring would lose its charm.

Roses have thorns, but they are still beautiful.

These roses do not speak, but portray all the love I feel for you.

Maybe it’s not late … Old roseiras also produce beautiful and lush roses.

could compare you with a rose, but it would be an injustice. The roses do not compare to you.

Rose is a rose from the moment it is a seed until the moment it dies. Inside, at all times, it contains all its potential.

It doesn’t matter if you are a rose, a lotus or another flower. What matters is that you flourish.

The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.

Just like the beautiful rose, wither and falls on its rosal, not resisting, mimosa, to the breath of the gale, life is also extinguished when the heart is shutting down by the loss of loves … The last illusion.

You are like a rose. You need to look beyond the thorns to see all your beauty.

Remember that love is a rose road.

Follow your destination, water your plants, love your roses.

Like roses, life will always have a unique beauty, as thorns it load.

Those who love roses support the thorns.

Men cultivate five thousand roses in the same garden and do not find what they are looking for. And yet what they seek could be found in one pink.

Red Rose is the most powerful flower in the world. Being the favorite of many people, the red rose has a size considered even small when compared to other flowers, but its perfume is unmistakable.

There are people who cry to know that roses have thorn. There are others who smile to know that thorns have roses!

You are like the rose: admired by all, prestigious by many and beautiful by nature.

The best roseira, after all, is not the one that has fewer thorns, but the one that produces the most beautiful roses.

It is believing in the roses that we make them blossom.

A rose symbolizes love and this one I offer you represents everything I feel for you!

Those who want to take the rose to your life will have to know that with them are going countless thorns. Don’t worry, the beauty of the rose is worth the discomfort of the thorns.

For roses, wrote someone, the gardener is eternal.

Roses thorns can hurt, but everything is worth seeing their beauty.

In my mind, roses never lose their petals, because I find them all when I look at you.

Better the thorns of truth than the rose of illusion.

It’s crazy to hate all the roses because one has called you.

Your sleep is like a small and delicate pink button while you rest, but when you wake up bloom, excite and show your beauty.

Rose petals between the leaves of the diary, dry recall.

May God not allow me to lose romanticism, even knowing that roses do not speak.

If we like the smell of the rose we will have to learn to live with the thorns.

Even between thorns, the rose remains alive and beautiful.

Rose is the universal symbol of love. So when I give you roses to show all the love I feel.

The powerful can kill one, two or even three roses, but they can never stop the spring.

The thorns condemn the roses to the perpetual martyrdom of loneliness.

I admire the thorns for being owned by such beautiful roses.

Just as roses need water, the human spirit needs care and attention

Life is a sea of ​​roses, but we do not know how to deal with its thorns.

Flowers are able to convey various feelings and precious messages, depending on the moment when they are used. So check out our flower quotes and learn more about your meanings.

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