40 messages about police officers that value the struggle of these professionals

Police are people who choose to have an honorable and essential profession for our lives. They protect our society against different types of danger and risk their own lives to ensure order and safety. Therefore, they deserve honors and motivated to continue developing a good job. Check out our citations about police and thank you for their daily struggle!


It is honor and commitment to the position that make good police become better.

A profession that faces challenges so great daily and does all this for the good of the population, deserves congratulations!

To be a police officer is to leave your home every day to protect the family from other people.

Not every hero uses cover, sometimes they use uniform and go out the streets fighting our lives.

The duty of the police is to protect us and ensure the citizens who trust their lives in their hands.

It will be worth it and you will be recognized for all the efforts you made by the nation.

Don’t give up. Its mission is noble and its work is important to all citizens.

No matter the color of your uniform, what matters is your desire to do the best for people who trust your work.

We must honor our oath and work with dignity. This is our duty as police.

Discipline, courage, strength and honor are essential to becoming a respectable policeman.

To be a police officer is to protect and guarantee the order for all types, classes and genres of people.

What makes the difference in the corporation is the union between the police. We never leave a companion.

Our cause is noble, we fight our lives to protect and bring security to all citizens.

We must protect, not scare or fear in people. If we do this, it is because there is something wrong with our work.

We are warriors who face difficult battles every day, but we do not give up because this is our mission.

I am following what God has chosen for my life. I’m not afraid of my mission because he takes care of me. If I throw me to combat, because I know he has already won him for me!

My armor is my uniform and when I am with her, the right people are afraid of me.

Honor all police officers who have courage and bravery to perform their services that are not always recognized.

Police activity is noble and grand and few are born for the service. You are chosen!

Society needs police to enforce the boundaries and put order where we live.

It takes responsibility to be a police officer, you are dealing with the safety of people who trust you.

To use the police uniform, we can not be afraid of anything and face everything with our heads raised.

Respect the police who struggle to make our society a good place to live.

policeman is not villain and is not a hero. It is a human being who gives his best to maintain order and protect society.

We are trained to fulfill our missions with excellence. We know what we are doing and do everything in cooperation.

My uniform keeps my family and fights back to her every day.

we repudiate the crime and fight for justice. This is our work as police.

You have to be strong, do not fear death and be brave to be a true policeman.

Keep doing a good job. You are the reason we feel so well and safe.

You protect our families, protect our country, and make it worth our laws for everything to work in harmony.

It is important to understand: the police do not judge about the nature or about people, the professionals only find the fact and protect the citizen and safeguard the law against infractions!

Exceed your limits because your biggest competitor is yourself.

Military Police, Pretorian, trained men, prepared for mission. Honoring your oath is your goal, taking care and defending society is your goal.

We have to take care of those who take care of us congratulations to our honorable police.

I didn’t choose to be a police officer, it was God who chose me.

Vest protects, but the greatest protection comes from above. Our greatest commander is Christ!

We were born to be police. The forces of the law that take care!

Let’s study that the uniform does not arrive by the post office.

God protect my back, because the rest I hit the front.

A military should never forget that he is also a people.

May nothing prevent you from following by fighting for the profession you believe. See also our warriors quotes and be inspired to face increasing battles.

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